Valheim Linen Thread - How to Make It

Linen Thread in Valheim is a crafting material that you can get in order to make high-tier weapons, like the black metal gear. The issue is that the journey to Linen Thread is a long and arduous one. You need a specific crop to make linen, and a specific object that is the only thing that can turn that plant into Linen. Both steps have countless sub-step to them, so it’s easy to get stuck at some point. To prevent that, here’s our Valheim Linen Thread – How to Make It guide to help you out.

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Valheim Linen Thread - How to Make It
Valheim Linen Thread – How to Make It

How to Make Linen Thread in Valheim?

To make Valheim Linen Thread, you need to build a Spinning Wheel and gather some Flax. To make the Spinning Wheel, you need the Artisan Table, as well as twenty Fine Wood, ten Iron Nails, and five Leather Scraps. As for the Flax, it grows as a crop in the Plains biome, commonly around Fuling camps. Once you acquire it, you can also plant and grow them in the same biome, for easier access. Neither of these are that simple to acquire; just the table requires you to defeat the game’s fourth boss, Moder.

Once you’ve built a Spinning Wheel and acquired Flax, you can then place the plant into the opening in the back of the Wheel, and out comes the Linen Thread. At this point, you might be wondering, why do I have to go through all this trouble? Is the Linen Thread worth it? As it turns out, yes, it absolutely is. In fact, Linen Thread in Valheim is a necessary material to make black metal weapons. If you’re wondering about black metal, it’s a material that you get from Fuling in the Plains, and can smelt in the Blast Furnace.

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