How to Get Thunder Stone - Valheim

With the release of the new Valheim Hearth and Home update, many new things have been added and changed (as you can see in the patch notes), and one of these is the addition of the Thunder Stone. This item will enable you to construct the Obliterator, which can obliterate all of your junk items that you no longer use. However, getting your hands on a Thunder Stone isn’t easy. Like anything in Valheim ever is, am I right? To help you locate this item, our How to Get Thunder Stone – Valheim guide will explain everything you need to know about it.

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How to Get Thunder Stone - Valheim

Where To Get the Thunder Stone in Valheim

The only way you can get this item is by purchasing it from Haldor the Trader. He can be found in the Black Forest biome. The problem is that he is constantly moving around, so finding him can take a while. Thoroughly search this area until you come across him. Once you have done this for the first time, he will from then on be marked with a white coin sack icon on the map at all times. Meaning, you will always know where he is after meeting him once. So, head on over to where Haldor is. Once you are there, talk with him.

Among the other items he will offer you to buy from him, you will see the Thunder Stone as well. Its description states that “It is crackling with energy.” The Thunder Stone costs 50 gold coins. Buy it from Haldor. When you have done so, the recipe for crafting the Obliterator will automatically unlock as well. You need just one of these to craft the Obliterator, as well as x8 Iron Ingots, x4 Copper Ingots. In any case, that’s how to get the Thunder Stone in Valheim.

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