How to Get Obliterator - Valheim

The Valheim Hearth and Home update is full of great new additions that will make your Valheim gaming sessions more enjoyable and player friendly. For example, you can now ride a Lox and get a cartography table. Another of these is a new crafting item that you will be able to get called the Obliterator. Hoarding lots of useless items that you no longer had any use for used to be a big problem in previous versions of the game before this update. But now, you can actually do something about this. The Obliterator allows you to, well, completely obliterate all the junk that does nothing but take up space in your chests and storage boxes. Our How to Get Obliterator – Valheim guide will help you quickly construct this, so that you get to zapping your clutter out of existence.

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How to Get Obliterator - Valheim

Valheim How to Get Obliterator

To be able to craft an Obliterator, you will first need to acquire a Thunder Stone. You can buy this newly-added item from a Trader. The issue here is that, while the Trader can be found in the Black Forest biome, his location is hard to pin down since he is constantly moving around. So, you first need to search for him in this biome until you find him. When you do locate him, from then on, a white coin sack icon will be visible on the map, indicating his location. As soon as you buy a Thunder Stone, the recipe for crafting the Obliterator will become unlocked.

So, the exact crafting materials needed to craft an Obliterator are as follows: x8 Iron Ingots, x4 Copper Ingots, and x1 Thunder Stone. We’ve explained how to get the Thunder Stone, but if you are having problems with the copper and iron, our Iron Ore and Copper Deposits guides should be able to help. When you have all of these materials ready, you will then be able to get the Obliterator and obliterate the items you no longer want by putting them inside it. One final thing to mention is that you will only be able to place your Obliterator near the forge.

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