Valheim How to Cook Meat & Start Fire on Cooking Station

Cooking raw meat in Valheim requires you to place it on the cooking station, but that works only if you start a fire under it. The process is relatively simple, but not immediately clear, especially if you’re still learning the ins and outs of the game. Plus, there’s always the danger of over-roasting the meat and turning it into a literal lump of coal. That’s just how this game rolls. So, here’s our Valheim How to Cook Meat & Start Fire on Cooking Station guide to explain what you need to do.

valheim how to cook meat & start fire on cooking station
Valheim How to Cook Meat & Start Fire on Cooking Station

How to Start Fire on Valheim Cooking Station

To start a fire under the Valheim Cooking Station, you actually have to place either a campfire or a hearth underneath it. Or, to make things simpler, build the Cooking Station on top of a fire. So, first make a campfire or hearth, and once the fire is nice and roaring, place the station above it. To make a Cooking Station, take out your hammer tool, hit F to enter the Misc tab, select the station by pressing Q or E, and click the left mouse button to place it. Each Cooking Station has two spaces on which you can put raw food. That brings us to our next point…

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How to Cook Valheim Meat on Cooking Station

To cook meat in Valheim on the Cooking Station, all you need to do is place the raw meat on one of the two hooks. Obviously, you get raw meat by killing boars, deer, and other animals. Mind you, the station works on more than just regular meat. You can also cook fish, lox meat, and neck tail on it.

There is another catch to cooking meat on the cooking station (and indeed any food) – if you leave it on the fire for too long, it turns to coal. Now, don’t get me wrong, coal has its uses, but you’re trying to eat here. So, in order to avoid overcooking, keep the raw meat on the fire for about 25 seconds, fish for 30 seconds, neck tail for 20 seconds, and lox meat for 60 seconds.

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  1. K

    How do you get the food out of the fire before it burns?

  2. F

    “So, first make a campfire or hearth” cool, great.. How!?

    1. M

      craft a hammer and go to the first tab and a campfire should be there.

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