Valheim Withered Bone Locations

Withered Bone in Valheim are items that you have to gather in order to summon the third boss, Bonemass, in the Swamp biome. The problem is that the game doesn’t tell you where to find Withered Bones; in fact, it doesn’t even let you know that’s what you need. Fortunately, the bones aren’t that difficult to find, once you know what to do. That’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our Valheim Withered Bone Locations guide.

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valheim withered bone locations
Valheim Withered Bone Locations

Where to Find Withered Bone in Valheim

To find Withered Bone in Valheim, you have to explore the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. These are the small dungeons that you can find dotted around the area that you have to make your way through. The Withered Bones usually appear out in the open in the Crypts; plus, they’re huge, so they’re difficult to miss, even in the dank darkness. They can also drop from mining Muddy Scrap Piles in the Crypts. You want to get at those regardless of the bones, as they also drop iron scraps.

where to find withered bone valheim locations
Withered Bones appear in Sunken Crypts

Now, you might be wondering, how does one open the Sunken Crypts? Well, for that, you need to obtain the Swamp Key. That drops from the second boss in Valheim, The Elder. That creature is summoned in the Black Forest biome, after collecting three Ancient Seeds. Once you defeat it, the Swamp Key is yours, and you can start collecting Withered Bone. All that said, if you have an Iron or Bronze Pickaxe, you can mine through the stairs of the Crypts and gain access that way.

Once you find ten Valheim Withered Bone locations and collect them, you can summon Bonemass, the third boss. You can read more about that boss and how to beat it in our Bonemass – Cook their remains – How to Spawn & Kill Third Boss Tips guide. When you beat it, you get the Wishbone, which helps a lot with finding hidden treasures.

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