Valheim Join IP Not Working

Join IP is an option that allows you to connect to a Valheim server directly, by entering its IP address. This lets you avoid using the server browser, and it’s much faster. If you’re always playing on the same server, you can even automate the process and connect to it automatically as soon as you start the game. However, some people are having trouble with this, which is why we’ve written this guide, to show you what to do when it looks like Valheim join IP not working.

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valheim join ip not working
Valheim Join IP Not Working

How to connect to server directly using IP in Valheim?

If you’re setting up the server yourself, you need to make sure you forward the appropriate ports on your router, and let them pass through the firewall. Our suggestion is to use the default port the game offers, plus the one before and after it.

If you’re just trying to join, make sure you enter both the IP address and the port. If it won’t work with the default port the game is offering, try the one before, or the one after it. This usually solves the problem.

If you always play on the same server, you can automate the connection establishing process. Right click on the game in your Steam library, then select properties. Choose to set launch options, and in the little dialogue box, enter “+connect serverIP:portNumber”, without the quotation marks. This will make the game automatically connect to the server at launch – if the server is password protected, you’ll get the chance to enter the password eventually. That part can’t be automated, sadly, but it’s probably for the best, at least security-wise.

Since this issue is affecting quite a few players, we’re expecting it’s going to be addressed sooner rather than later, so you won’t have to endure it for much longer.

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