Valheim - You Can't Sleep at This Time

You Can’t Sleep at This Time in Valheim is a message that you might get in the game when you try to go to bed. This has caused some confusion among newer players who don’t know how the sleep system works in Valheim. It’s an easy mistake to make while you’re still getting used to everything. That being the case, in our Valheim – You Can’t Sleep at This Time guide, we’ll explain the day-night cycle in Valheim and when you can sleep.

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valheim you cant sleep at this time
Valheim – You Can’t Sleep at This Time

You Can’t Sleep at This Time Valheim Message

The “You can’t sleep at this time” message in Valheim means that it’s too early in the day to go to bed. It needs to be either afternoon or night if you want to sleep in Valheim. So, basically, wait for it to get dark. If you start getting cold while you’re outside and away from a fire, you can safely head to dreamland. Mind you, you can do it earlier than that, but this system is pretty much foolproof.

There are several other criteria that you have to meet before you can go to sleep. There can’t be enemies nearby, the bed needs to be sheltered with a fire nearby, and you need to be dry. On top of that, your comfort level will affect how long your Rested buff will last.

Valheim Day-Night Cycle

The day-night cycle in Valheim is closely connected to the “You can’t sleep at this time” message, as we’ve explained above. One in-game day cycle lasts about thirty minutes in Valheim. More specifically, the days lasts about twenty-one minutes, and the nights last about nine minutes, give or take about a minute or two.

The game will always let you know when a new day has started with the day counter appearing on screen. When a new day ticks over, that means that the morning has officially begun. That is about the time when you’ll wake up if you’ve gone to sleep in a bed. As for nightfall, well, the one way to know for certain that it has officially begun is to see whether you feel cold outside, as we’ve described above.

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