Valheim Wood Stack - Retrieve Wood From Pile

Wood Stack in Valheim is a handy method of storing excess wood in a wood pile that you can craft. That way, the materials don’t cramp up the space in your house or chests. Making a Wood Stack is fairly easy, but does require some explaining. More importantly, getting the wood back from the pile is a bit more difficult, and some players are having trouble figuring it out. That being the case, our Valheim Wood Stack – Retrieve Wood From Pile guide will cover both points.

valheim wood stack retrieve wood from pile
Valheim Wood Stack – Retrieve Wood From Pile

Valheim Wood Pile

The wood pile in Valheim, or rather, the Wood Stack, is a convenient way to store a bunch of Wood without cluttering your house and chests. This comes in most useful in the early game, before you have much storage space. To build a wood pile, aka Wood Stack, in Valheim, you first have to craft the Hammer. Once you have that, and gather fifty Wood, you can craft the stack wherever you want to (preferably outside, it takes up a lot of room). You just need to take your hammer out, press F, go into the Misc tab, find the Wood Stack, and left-click to build.

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Now, there is a catch to the wood pile. You can’t directly pick some wood up from it. You can’t even access it from the work bench; it’s just kinda laying there in stasis. This has freaked out some players, who though that they’ve borked themselves and made all those resources inaccessible. Fortunately, that’s not the case, which brings me to our next point.

How to Retrieve Wood From a Wood Stack in Valheim

To retrieve Wood from a Valheim wood stack, you need to disassemble it. Here’s how that works. Take out your hammer, and target the wood pile you want to get rid off. Then, click your middle mouse button (or whichever button you may have rebound it to) to disassemble the Wood Stack and get all your materials back. It might look like you didn’t get it all back, but trust us, you did.

Eventually, you’ll gather enough materials to be able to craft a bunch of chests for easier storage. Around that time, you can safely start placing your excess wood in those. As it turns out, they actually take up less space that way. However, if you prefer to have wood piles outside for roleplaying reasons or whatever, be my guest. I’m not your mother.

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