Valheim Increase Inventory Weight

Increasing your inventory size in Valheim allows you to carry more items, as you might expect. The trick is that, unlike in most other similar games, getting more inventory weight in Valheim is not as simple as, say, crafting a pouch or something like that. Instead, you have to buy an expensive item from a hard-to-find vendor. Still, it’s a very smart investment of time and coins. We’ll explain what you need to do in our Valheim Increase Inventory Weight guide.

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valheim increase inventory weight
Valheim Increase Inventory Weight

How to Increase Inventory Weight in Valheim?

To increase inventory weight in Valheim, you have to purchase a special item from the vendor Haldor. The specific item you’re looking for is Megingjord. It’s a belt that you have to pay a stunning 950 Coins for. It’s quite the chunk of change, but it’s well-worth the expense. Wearing the Megingjord increases your inventory size from 300 to 450, which is a pretty significant increase. You have to wear it with similar clothing or armor, and it takes up an Accessory slot when equipped. Just something to keep in mind.

Fun fact about the Megingjord – the belt comes straight out of Norse mythology. It’s original name is Megingjörð, and Thor wears it. According to the stories, it bestows superhuman strength to the thunder god. So, it makes sense that it’d increase your inventory weight. What more could you ask for than being able to equip Thor’s belt in Valheim? Especially if it gives you a bigger inventory size?

So, that’s how you increase Valheim inventory weight. Incidentally, Haldor also sells the fishing rod and fishing bait, as well as Ymir Flesh, a very valuable crafting material. On top of that, you can buy a Yule Hat, which does nothing but look fun, and the Dverger Circlet. That gives you a front-facing light, which comes in very useful in the dark. Frees up your hand from holding a torch, at the very least.

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    Megingjord occupies the same slot as Wishbone, so you can’t have both equipped at the same time.

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