Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 All That Remains Guide

The Walking Dead Season Two is a sequel to the last year’s hit The Walking Dead and a continuation of a story, inspired by the comic book of the same name. The main feature of the game is that the story can be tailored by the decision of a player, so the adventures of the main characters can be branched out.
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Season Two continues in this manner and it has 5 major choices in 11 chapters.

WARNING: Spoilers!

Due to the nature of the game and how this guide is created, please have in mind that this page contains some spoilers from all published The Walking Dead episodes up to this date, which could greatly ruin your experience. Spoilers will be avoided as much as possible, but important decisions will be covered, potentially revealing some key plot elements. Continue at your own risk.The Walking Dead Season Two All That Remains

Decisions from previous episodes

Everything that was done in The Walking Dead Season One and 400 days DLC will impact the story in Season Two. It is highly recommended to play both the Season One and the 400 Days DLC. Playing every episode will not only allow better grasp of the story to the player, but they will also have the chance to make their own choices, creating the story they want to see.

Importing saved games

When you choose “Play” from the main menu, the game will offer option of importing previous saved games.
Regardless of whether you have Steam version of the game or not, the game will automatically scan for all saved games, but it is important that they are in the same “Telltale Games” folder.
You can find it by following this path, and make sure that everything is in the right place:

PC: C:\Users\Username\Documents\Telltale Games\WalkingDead
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/ Telltale Games/TheWalkingDead

In case of PC, depending on Windows version folder “Documents” could also be named “My Documents”.

Note: Don’t be confused by the fact that “My choices” option in the main menu of the game stays locked even though you properly copied your save game files. “My choices” option isn’t meant to display decisions from previous games, it will only unlock once you start playing Season Two.
If you, however, haven’t played The Walking Dead previously, after you choose “New Game”, the game will randomly select all of the choices from previous episodes, thus enabling you to play the game.


Like in the previous game, trophies and achievements are story-based, which means that they will pop out simply by finishing the story. Relax and enjoy this great game!


Chapter 1: Old Friends

Chapter 1 Old Friends The Walking DeadSeason Two continues where previous season stopped. Clementine is once again in the main role, but she did manage to regroup with Omid and Christa.

Right at the start of the game, there will be an interesting dialogue between Omid and Christa, and right after that, they will ask Clementine for opinion about the matter. This is not the major choice, but it is one of the decisions that will stick throughout Season Two, so choose your answer carefully.

Tip: Have in mind that almost every question has a limited time for your answer and while you can let time run out (in which Clementine will offer “the silent treatment”), it is always better to respond with some of the other offered options.

After that talk Clem finds herself inside a ladies room. You must check all stalls on the right side, and click on the sink. Look at the faucet and then try to turn the water on. You’ll have to use water bottle from the bag. While washing her face, she drops the bottle. Guess what? You will have to check each stall again. Things go from bad to worse really fast and new conversation will start, but none of the options will impact the story – choose whichever you like the best.

Chapter 2: 16 Months Later

Chapter 2 16 Months Later the Walking Dead GameClem and Christa will talk, but none of Clem’s responses will impact the story. Again, choose whatever looks the best for you.

Christa and Clem have problems cooking their meal. In order to make fire stronger you will have to dig through Clem’s bag for a lighter. Just click on everything you see (there’s one nice nostalgic pic of Lee) and the lighter will be the last thing Clem finds. Look at the camp fire and choose lighter, after that just follow the on-screen instructions.

The fire won’t be good enough so pickup the log near the camp fire (as shown on our pic) and then look at the fire. The game will offer you to burn the log, drawing or the photo of Lee.

Chapter 3:The Scavenger (1st Major Choice)

The Walking Dead Game Chapter 3 The ScavengerWhen the campfire is ready, it will trigger another nail-biting action scene and the first crucial decision that will impact the rest of the story of the Season Two.

You can either [Distract Scavengers] or [Sneak away]. If you choose the first option your friend is given a small chance to run away, while with the other choice she gets stabbed in a leg. Ultimately, both choices ends the same right now, but they will most likely leave a mark on what’s going to happen later on.

After the decision is made an action scene will start in which being quick is the most important. Avoid zombies quickly and keep hitting attackers head when there’s a chance. Follow instructions on screen and don’t worry if you mess up, since reloading will lead you to a checkpoint close to the scene where you died.

It will not end well for dear Clementine, and Christa’s situation remains unknown.

Chapter 4: Alone

The Walking Dead Chapter 4 AloneRather short chapter and not so many interesting things to do here.

You can look at the boat on the left side, but it isn’t that important – what you are looking for are the stairs to the right. When you reach them, climb them.

In the next scene, there’s few things you can inspect. There’s a dead zombie with the sign post stuck through its head, and some other options that you might want to check, but importantly, select “Follow the trail” to continue your search for Christa.

“Deadly Animal” sign? Lovely, like this place wasn’t dangerous enough! Jump over fallen log and keep walking.

Chapter 5: Abandoned Camp

Chapter 5 Abandoned Camp The Walking Dead GameAfter short walk Clementine will run into a stray dog. When given a choice, you can check his collar to learn his name. His name is Sam! Sam the dog will run off leading Clem to a abandoned camp.

There are many things you can explore here, but unfortunately, nothing that is too important for the story.

Instead, she can play with Sam. You can find a throwing disc when you go to the furthest point of this scene, and then it will be located on the ground in the middle of the screen (check photos for reference).

Now Clem can play catch with Sam! You can play with throwing disc three times before story progresses.

Chapter 6: Finding Food (2nd Major Choice)

Chapter 5 Finding Food The Walking Dead You will hear Sam’s growling and Clementine will run to check it out, only to find Zombie tied to a tree.

That pocket knife looks useful, but you can’t pick it up before the walker is dead… Again. Look to the lower right and pick up the tree branch. Start smacking the undead with it and four hits later, zombie will be done! Clem can now safely pick up the pocket knife.

Other interesting object in this scene is the trash barrel, in the foreground on the right side. Go through it to find a can of beans. She will sit down to open the can in another, very simple, action scene. After she starts eating Sam will whimper and it’s up to you to choose if Clem will share the meal with him. No matter what you decide, Sam will selfishly decide that it isn’t enough (he is hungry too, after all!) and he will attack poor Clem. At the aftermath of a short action scene there will be another important choice that will leave the mark on the story in the future.

You can either [Kill dog] or [Leave Dog].

Note: Decisions in “All That Remains” will alter the overall story of the Season Two, but the choices themselves won’t impact how the first episode plays out.

Chapter 7: New Faces

The Walking Dead Chapter 7 New FacesWounded by the bite, Clementine will walk away from the camp while the walkers will try to bite her.

Pay no attention to them and just keep walking. Don’t let the game fool you: even though it commands you to run, Clem won’t be able to do that, since she is hurt badly.

She will survive, but just barely, because two unknown men will save her. They will ask Clementine series of questions, and it’s up to you to decide whether Clem will tell them the truth. Be careful since they will remember the conversation. Remember, just give them some response and don’t let the time for answer run out.

Chapter 8: Getting Supplies

The Walking Dead Chapter 8 Getting SuppliesAfter Clementine regains consciousness she will meet new group, central to this Season. She is introduced to seven new characters here. They sure make an impression on her.

There will be another set of answers to the new group’s questions and at one point you will get the chance to support opinion of one of the members (Doctor or Pete proved as a good choices). However, no matter what you choose, they won’t change their minds about Clementine and in the end she will be locked in a shed.

Instead of waiting for the morning, Clem decides to take things into her own hands, which means the player will resume the control of her.There are couple of things here to check out but the most interesting one will be a blue box in the back right corner, where Clam will pick up fishing line. Moving tackle box from a nearby wall, she will discover loose board on a shed revealing potential exit. Don’t bother using pocket knife there and instead, on the left side, lift up the folding table. Clem will now have the ability to climb it and reach the hammer which might be perfect solution for Clementine’s problem. Go ahead and pick the hammer. This won’t go as planned. After you make Clem move the shelf she will be able to pick up the hammer and use it on that loose board and take the nail out. Kicking the rest of that wall will easily place Clem outside.

As soon as she’s out, you will see the house – that’s where you want to go in order to find necessary supplies for Clementine’s injuries. There are however couple of different ways to gather them.If you come to the window next to the front house door, you can persuade one of the group members into helping you. If you take a honest approach, chances are you will be successful with it (He will remember your answers) and the person will give Clementine a bandage and a drink.

You can also skip this part and head straight to the house. Sneak to the far right and just around the corner of the house you will see similarly put piece of plywood like the one that was in the shed. You will again have to use hammer to pull out all of the nails. Crawl to the left side until you come to the hatch. Use pocket knife on it and push it to open it.

Once you are in the house, there are couple of things you can do. You can listen to the conversation at Kitchen Door. It can be dangerous if you leave the door open for too long, so close it as soon as your screen starts to become red. You can repeat this action many times and find out what group is planing. There is another door to the left, but Clem won’t find what she’s looking for there. Instead move to the right and up the stairs, where there will be more rooms to explore.

If you go to the left you will find the bathroom. Behind the medicine cabinet Clem will find a needle. Just as she is about to leave, someone will go in, and you will have to pick the hiding place for Clam. The decision isn’t important one just as long as you do it quickly.When you go to the door on the right Clem will meet Sarah, and they will have a conversation. Choose your responses carefully as some decisions, albeit none of the major ones, will stick and potentially complicate story in the future. In the end Sarah will give Clementine bottle of peroxide which, if you haven’t obtain it already, leaves only one item on the list – bandages.

The last room has a lot of things to explore, but the most important ones can be find in the desk drawer on the right and on the desktop – a watch and old rags. Old rags Clem can use, but what is it watch for? We don’t know yet. Seeing as she found everything she was looking for, Clementine can go back down and exit through hatch she used to enter the house.

Chapter 9: Back in the Shed

Chapter 9 Back in the Shed The Walking Dead GameThis really painful scene should be done in order and it is as follows: the first is peroxide, then the needle and in the end, rags to double as bandages. The needle part will be done as an action scene, it’s not complicated but it’s still a pain… You’ll see.

As soon as she’s done with it, another action scene will follow, when a zombie grabs Clem. Follow instructions on screen until Clem is on the floor, then you will have a possibility to either hit it with rake or bricks – either will prove unsuccessful. Again, follow the instructions and as soon as the undead is on the ground and Clem free, grab those bricks on the lower right and hit zombie with it. Than grab the rake on the left and follow the on screen commands. Lastly, grab the hammer that’s on the desk and finish off the zombie.

This whole fight will get noticed by the others and Clem will soon be surrounded by the members of the new group. Conversation will follow, but the choices won’t impact story so choose whichever response you like. Clem will finally be allowed to go in inside.

Chapter 10: Later that Night (3rd choice)

Chapter 10 Later That Night The Walking DeadTime to get to know group better. In the house, doctor will ask numerous question and this scene is tied to the conversation Clem had with Sarah so choose your responses carefully. Clementine will also talk with Luke and you can decide whether Clem will be open about her past or not. The really important choice, which will be written down is when Luke apologizes to Clementine. She could decide if she will accept his apology. Answers that correspond to this are [It’s okay. I get it.] (forgiving) and [You were way out of line] (don’t forgive). The decision is yours!

We are eager to see how this will reflect on the story in the next episodes, as the effects remain yet to be seen.

Chapter 11: The Killing Fields ( 4th and 5th Choice)

The Walking Dead Chapter 11 Killing FieldsIn the morning, Clem will go with Pete and Nick for a fishing trip. They will argue along the way and occasionally, there will be an option to give share your thoughts and offer your advice.

As they approach the shore, they will see a lot of corpses and will start checking for survivors or other clues to what happened here. Clem can check the nearest body.

After that head toward the small river island and another body.

She will find something interesting near the body, but there will also be another major decision: [Give water] or [Refuse water].

As soon as you made up your mind another group of the walking dead will attack and things will become hectic, so crazy that Clem has to make another tough, major choice! It won’t be easy but with it this episode will conclude. This is the last decision you will make in this episode, but the results will be the most obvious.
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