Key data locations and Researcher achievement

Watch Dogs 2 Key data is one of collectibles that you’ll come across while wandering throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Collectibles are shown as a green icon with a white scull on the map, and you can get them as you explore the world of Watch Dogs 2.
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Researcher achievement is awarded after all of them are found. In this guide we’ll show you all Watch Dogs 2 Key data locations and which gadget or skills you’ll need.

Key Data locations

The easiest way to look for them is through the application on your phone. You should open the research application and select the key data skill on the phone. That option will show you the rough search area of the map. It will not always pinpoint the exact location of the key data, but you will get a hint if some of the key data is in the area.

Although, most of them are easy to find, some of them are not accessible without the gadgets that you carry around with you. First of all, you should use the Quadcopter to scan the world for nearby collectibles. Also, the RC Jumper or Quadcopter will be required to solve some of the puzzles. You will get the RC Jumper as you progress through the story. It is one of the first unlocks in the game. Unlike the RC Jumper, the Quadcopter is not a gadget that you will get for free. You must buy it in the Hacker HQ.

Also, we must add that one key data requires the skill called “Environmental RC” for which you’ll have to spend 2 research points. All of the others can be found early in the game, without the use of skill upgrades.

Since finding the solutions to these puzzles can be a bit tricky, you can check the video to see which one you maybe missed. Check the research application to see which ones you found. After you collect the key, game progress is automatically saved. Achievement (or trophy) is unlocked after you collect them all. The order in which you collect them is not important.