Jump Around Achievement | Watch Dogs 2

Jump Around Achievement is just one of many trophies to collect in Watch Dogs 2. Since this is an open world game, it’s full to the brim with side activities and achievements to unlock.
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In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Watch Dogs 2 Jump Around Trophy.

Jump Around Achievement

Jump Around Achievement/Trophy in Watch Dogs 2

The requirement to get this trophy is: Do a 140-meter long jump while driving a vehicle. There are multiple ways to approach this achievement. However, we’ll present you with the easiest one.

First off, you’ll want to get the fastest vehicle available. The best choice is the Sayonara. This motorcycle is the fastest in the game, and very light and maneuverable. You’ll have to buy it from an elite dealership, but it’ll be worth it. Second, you want to find a good ramp. The best one for this is the one a little to the east of Coit Tower. You’ll also want to get some distance so you can build up enough speed, but still have a straightforward route. Try not to have the police on your back when you attempt the jump. They can be a serious nuisance. Finally, you might want to get the Engine Override skill. This isn’t a must. However, the extra amount of nitro that this perk gives you will make it a whole lot easier.

The strategy for the Jump Around achievement is simple. Get a couple of blocks head start. Mark the location on your map so that you don’t miss any turns. Then blast off. Be very careful not to crash into oncoming traffic. At best, you’ll lose speed and have to go back to the beginning. Follow the route carefully on the minimap. Hit the ramp just right. Happy flying and have a safe landing!

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