Can't Cross-Play with Friends on Xbox One & Series X, PS4 & PS5 in Watch Dogs Legion Online

Watch Dogs Legion Online is having some trouble right now, and one of the things that the player base is complaining about is the lack of cross-generation cross-play. People are trying to play with friends that have either current-gen or next-gen consoles, and they just can’t. It seems like there’s no way for friends to play between Xbox One and Series X, as well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Is there something you can do about this? Some workaround? Well, let’s find out together in our Can’t Cross-Play with Friends on Xbox One & Series X, PS4 & PS5 in Watch Dogs Legion Online guide.

cant cross-play with friends on xbox one & series x ps4 & ps5 in watch dogs legion online
Can’t Cross-Play with Friends on Xbox One & Series X, PS4 & PS5 in Watch Dogs Legion Online

Watch Dogs Legion Online – Can’t Cross-Play Between Xbox One & Series X, PS4 & PS5

As far as we’ve been able to research the matter, there’s now way to have cross-play between Xbox One and Series X, nor PS4 and PS5, in Watch Dogs Legion Online. Even the developers confirmed this via the game’s official Twitter. They said: “The game is not cross generation compatible. If you want to play with your friends you all have to be on the same generation of console.”

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Now, obviously, I’m sure that there’s a good reason for this. I don’t know much about game development, so I can only assume that there’s some very valid cause why there’s no cross-generation play. However, that does next to nothing to quell the dissatisfaction of the player base. They’ve tried to work around the issue, but so far, nobody has had any success. At least, nobody that we’ve come across.

If you’ve managed to find some method that allows you to overcome the cross-generation play barrier, let us know in the comments. I’m sure a bunch of people are going to be grateful. For now, though, to the best of our knowledge, you can’t cross-play Watch Dogs Legion Online between Xbox One & Series X nor PS4 & PS5. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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  1. A

    I have a question.
    if I launch the ps4 version on ps5, Can I play with my friend on ps4?

    1. J

      No, I don’t think that’ll work, but it’s worth a shot.

      1. Z

        It works. As long as whoever is playing on the ps5 is playing on the ps4 version of the game, both are able to join and play together.

  2. D

    This seems incredibly stupid.
    It’s one thing to have this problem in the first place which no other game does, but if they knew about this issue they should at the very least have a way to select which version to play on the Series X as a band-aid fix since it should be able to play both versions just fine. So there’s no excuse.

  3. A

    How is it Cross-Play if you’re playing on the same type of console?

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