Watch Dogs Legion Mask In The Water Under London Bridge

Masks are cosmetic items in Watch Dogs Legion. They’re used when doing naughty stuff, to hide your face from anyone who might like to know your identity. There about 40 of them in the city, and most are found by roaming the map. There’s one specific mask that’s puzzling a whole bunch of people – the marker puts it underwater, in the Thames, and nobody seems to know how to get to it. In this guide, we’re going to help you get the Watch Dogs Legion mask in the water under London Bridge.

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watch dogs legion mask in the water under london bridge
Watch Dogs Legion Mask In The Water Under London Bridge

How to get mask under London Bridge?

When you get on the London Bridge from the north side, you’ll notice the map marker for the mask. It sits near the bank, but it is under the water. Since there’s no way to dive, you might wonder what you’re supposed to do.

watch dogs legion underwater mask qr codes

The mask is in an underwater room – one that’s easy to access when you know where to find the entrance. If you’ve ever scanned a QR code on a Defalt poster, you might remember getting a message that says “Find my private party @ 2am”. The room with the mask is where the party takes place.

To get in, you will have to wait until 2AM – if you don’t want to literally wait, check out our guide on how to change time. Then go to the red brick building west of the bridge, the one with the tunnel. Go into the tunnel and jump into the water. Turn towards the building and you’ll see a metal door. If it’s past 2AM, you’ll be able to open it. Once you’re at the party, look for the DJ – the mask will be in a box under his table, and he won’t mind if you help yourself to it.

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