Watch Dogs Legion Piccadilly Circus - City of Westminster Disrupt Propaganda

Piccadilly Circus disrupt propaganda puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion is a puzzle that you have to solve in Watch Dogs Legion. To do that, you have to hack the server that’s running the billboard at one of the corners at Piccadilly. It might seem easy, but it’s not. You’ll have to hack cameras, use the Spiderbot and cargo drone, and more. In our Piccadilly Circus Propaganda Puzzle in Westminster Watch Dogs Legion, we’ll show you how to disrupt the propaganda, step by step.

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piccadilly circus propaganda puzzle in westminster watch dogs legion
Piccadilly Circus Propaganda Puzzle in Westminster Watch Dogs Legion

How to Disrupt Propaganda in Watch Dogs Legion Piccadilly Circus?

To disrupt propaganda in Piccadilly Circus in Watch Dogs Legion, the first thing you have to do is hijack the camera on the corner behind the billboard you want to hack. Consult the images below to see what I mean. The camera will show you a crate on the right and a vent on the left. Use the crate to summon a Spiderbot, and get it through the vent to the other side. You can’t jump out of there, so hijack the camera on the pole in the far right corner.

Use the camera and look to the roof. You can summon a cargo drone through it, so do just that. Then, use it to move the cargo just below the camera. Said cargo is blocking the entrance into the vent, so we need that out of the way. Then, use the drone to pick up the Spiderbot, which is just behind the “wall” on the right. You can do that by landing with the drone, then switching to the spider to climb onto it, and then carrying the spider over to the vent. Then simply navigate the bot to the other side. Interact with the ctOS server on the right, and you’re done.

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