Select Your First Operative - Which Operative to Choose - Watch Dogs Legion

Selecting your first Watch Dogs Legion operative is the first real choice that you’ll have to make. It seems pretty difficult; all these different people with different skills that seem like they might be important. As it turns out, the choice might actually be easier than it seems initially. We’re here to help you with our Select Your First Operative – Which Operative to Choose at start – Watch Dogs Legion guide.

select your first operative which operative to choose watch dogs legion
Select Your First Operative – Which Operative to Choose – Watch Dogs Legion

Which Watch Dogs Legion First Operative to Select – Best starting operatives?

Which first operative you choose in Watch Dogs Legion is completely up to you. In fact, every player is going to get a list of fifteen random people that you can pick from. So, we can’t really give you advice on which specific operative to choose by name. It doesn’t’ much matter anyways, since you’ll be gathering new people pretty soon and fast. What we can give you is the list of fifteen skills that each of them can have, and go from there. Here’s the list for you.

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  • Physically Fit (takes less damage)
  • Loyalty Card (clothing discount)
  • P9 (semi-auto pistol)
  • ctOS Drone (drone summon)
  • Tough Drunk (takes less damage)
  • Police Contact (shorter team arrest time)
  • MP5 (full-auto SMG)
  • (extra faction damage)
  • (shorter team injury time)
  • (personal motorcycle)
  • Oscuro Ultra 8 (personal sports vehicle)
  • Fast Hacking (short hack cooldowns)
  • 6G Data Plan (fast downloads)
  • Wrench (heavy melee weapon)
  • Crowbar (light melee weapon)

In our opinion, you can completely ignore people that have either weapons or vehicles. You’ll get plenty of those over time. So, focus on those that have good skills right out of the gate. Whether you pick skills that apply to you only or the entire team is entirely your choice. One more thing that we have to note is that picking a character that is wearing a uniform is a smart move. They can access certain areas early on that are off limits to civilians. That’s about the best advice we can give about choosing your first operative in Watch Dogs Legion.

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