Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations

Masks are cosmetic items in Watch Dogs Legion. They’re used during covert missions to hide your face, and there’s a wide variety of them, ranging from gas masks, to animal heads and cardboard boxes. Most of them can be found by roaming the open world, and they’re marked on the map. However, getting to them isn’t always easy, even when you know the location. This guide is going to help you collect them by showing you the exact Watch Dogs Legion mask locations and how to reach them.

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watch dogs legion mask locations
Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations

All Mask Locations – Map

Most of the masks are pretty easy to find once you know where to look. The problem is knowing where to look. That’s why we’ve prepared detailed maps showing where each map in each borough is, to save you some time. The only really, truly difficult mask to obtain (even when you know its location) is the Defalt mask.

City of Westminster

You will find this mask at the beginning of the game after you enter the hideout for the first time. It’s up on the gallery, where you go to restart Bagley’s servers during the Restart DedSec mission.

Just next to the Westminster safehouse you’ll find metallic pig mask in Broca Tech building. The mask is waiting for you on the terrace on the top floor.

In Perry Harris Redevelopment you’ll see a cargo drone. Once you hijack it, jump on it and take a mask on a structure next to a window.

St Pancras International mask location

This mask is hidden away at St. Pancras International, in the northeastern corner of Camden, across the road from King’s Cross station. Stand in front of the building and head right. Go through the first tunnel on the left, and head through the wire fence gate on the left. This way leads to the back entrance.

Once inside, head up the ladder and turn left. Go through the vent on the opposite wall, and you’ll see a control room in the distance. The mask is in a box on the table by the big window.

Camden Market mask location

There’s a mask hidden deep within Camden Market, in Kelley clan territory. It’s on the roof of the adult store at the back of the market, the big black one with purple streaks. The easiest way to get there, without confrontation or the need to sneak about, is to hijack a drone, get it down, then fly up on it. You’ll find the mask in a box on a roof-mounted AC unit.

We’ll keep playing the game, and we’ll update the guide with any more masks we discover. Stay tuned, and let us know if you find any we might have missed here.

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