Spy Locations Watch Dogs Legion Online

Spies were among the most popular operatives back when Watch Dogs Legion launched, so it’s pretty natural that they’d be the most sought after recruits in multiplayer as well. However, people have been having trouble finding them, as it seems like the most popular spy fishing spot from singleplayer isn’t working in this online version of the game. If you’re having trouble getting a Bondalike in your team, this guide will show you spy locations in Watch Dogs Legion Online, to save you some time.

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watch dogs legion online spy locations
Spy Locations Watch Dogs Legion Online

Where to find spy in Watch Dogs Legion Online?

It turns out, the spies do appear in most locations they did back in the offline days – just not the one that was most commonly used. So forget about the MI6 building, and head to one of the other locations instead.

We found our recruit in the tiny parking lot in the back of the Blume Complex in southwest Camden. We suggest you use a cargo drone to scout out the locations – if you don’t see a spy car, you don’t have to bother landing. The spies almost never show up without their fancy knock-off Aston Martins.

You can also check the big parking lot south of Westminster Palace – it’s by the river in the City of Westminster borough. Then there’s the Sicilian Avenue in north Westminster, the SIRS HQ main entrance in south Westminster, Royal London Hospital in the east of Tower Hamlets, and of course, the dreaded MI6 building by the river in Lambeth.

Just keep checking these places and you’ll eventually run into a spy. Everybody wants one because of the silenced pistol and the magic car that shoots missiles, but they’re also the only profession that’s consistenly dressed in suits, so if you prefer that style of outfit, you can’t go wrong with a spy.

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