A Feast For Crows


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Category:Side Quest
Reward:100 orens and 50 crowns.

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North of the Gate of the Hierarch, in the grass near the low wall and the bridge, you will come across an unpleasant smell. When you pick it up, use your Witcher Senses to track the odor to its source – a corpse


Following contains quest spoilers.
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You’ve been warned

Figure out what happened to the murdered man.

Several crows will fly off the corpse; examine it to see that the person was stabbed to death. You will also have a key to loot.

Use your Witcher Senses to re-trace the victims steps across the street and to a small wooden structure around the corner. Enter the building.

Inside you will find three dwarfs ransacking the house. It will turn out that they are Cleaver’s allies and that they have murdered "Derrick", as they call the victim. What is more, they have orders from Cleaver to kill anyone who finds the den.

You will now have two choices.
Choice 1

Give them the key.

They will give you a small reward for it.
Choice 2

Kill them all.

Once they’re dead, go to the north side of the ground floor of the house and find the treasure chest. Use the key you found on Derrick’s body to open the chest and get the money inside it.
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