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Aerondight is a new weapon in The Witcher 3, added in the Blood and Wine expansion. It’s a silver sword with a massive damage output that rewards skillful swordsmanship – one of the best weapons in Witcher 3. You might be familiar with it if you’ve played the previous games. You can get it by solving a particularly vague quest. This guide will show you how to get Aerondight in Witcher 3, its stats and what it looks like.

If you’ve played the first Witcher, you’ll remember it as the one the Lady of the Lake gave you. She’s also the one who will give it to you this time, after you prove your worth.

Witcher 3 Aerondight Location

To get the Aerondight, you’ll have to complete a sidequest called There Can Be Only One. You can pick it up from a notice board (we found it in front of the Cockatrice Inn). It will lead you towards Lac Celavy lake, directly east from Corvo Bianco. Talk to the hermit living there, and he’ll tell you you’ll get the sword from the lake if you prove you posses the five virtues.

You’ll do this by taking on five specific quests and ensuring you complete them with a certain outcome. Chose right, and you will be rewarded. If you import a save file from the previous two games (that had this sword), you’ll only have to fight the hermit.


how to get aerondight witcher 3Scour the notice board in Beauclair to start the quest Till Death Do You Part. Go to the cemetary, investigate and solve the dispute between the two ghosts any way you want. After that, go to the quest giver in Clever Clogs tavern and tell him it was Actually, just a marital spat.
Alternative way: During The Warble of a Smitten Knight quest, finish the horse race, accept the duel and win it.


Go to a cave a bit south-west of the hermit’s lake. Before you enter, a couple of civilians will come out and give you the quest Father Knows Worst. Save their brother, who is left inside, and help their reconciliation by choosing No one dies. Not Today. during the conversation before you exit.

Alternative way: Lift the curse off the Wight in the quest La Cage Au Fou. More details about this are in our Corvo Bianco Trophy guide.


Pick up the quest Big Game Hunter from the notice board in front of the Cockatrice Inn. Don’t harm the panthers while you’re working through the quest. After the work is done and you’re back at the camp, ask the guards about the Count’s life (New life? Something wrong before?). Agree to come to his exhibition when he invites you (Sure, why not?), and don’t forget to actualy visit it and talk to him.

Alternative way: Spare the Shaelmaar after the fight in the arena during the quest The Beast of Toussaint.


aerondight silver sword location tw3 bawA short while after you reach Beauclair, a small child will approach you on the street. He’ll give you a letter from Yennefer, the one that starts the Turn to Face The Strange quest. Don’t be a scrooge, be sure to leave him a tip (Here, your tip.).
Alternative ways: Buy Geralt’s portrait from the painter in the quest The Witcher As an Old Man (it will cost you 1000 crowns), or give the bootblack at the docks 500 crowns for information when the option presents itself.


Go to a cave a bit northwest of Beauclair Palace. You’ll find a knight outside, asking for help. You’ll get the Feet As Cold As Ice quest once you accept. Go through it and when he starts talking to you inside, tell him to Take the damned head, go back to Beauclair.

Alternative way: In the quest The Warble of a Smitten Knight, win the tourney after you’re back from the woods.

Aerondight Stats

Aerondight is a silver sword that does a bunch of damage, but doesn’t have the usual stats. Instead, it has some unique abilities. Every time you hit an enemy, your damage will go up by 10%. As time passes, you’ll lose charges. Same goes for getting hit. When the sword is fully charged, it deals critical damage with every swing.

The other ability increases the sword’s damage permanently each time you kill someone while it’s fully charged. The threshold for this increase moves up as you level up your character, letting the weapon practically level up alongside you.

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  1. V

    I believe you can also get the sword if you import a save all the way from Witcher 1, all you have to do is fight the hermit to prove that your martial skills are intact.

    1. G

      Witcher 3 doesn’t include any details from Witcher 2 saves that imported Witcher 1 saves.

  2. K

    Any other way to to prove generosity?

    1. I

      If u find out pls lemme know

    2. B
      Black Light

      You can get the generosity stuff if you buy the painting of yourself at the end of the quest : A portrait of the witcher as an old man. (its 1000 crowns)

  3. D

    If you have save from Witcher 1 after obtaining Aerondight, you can get it in W3 without doing any extra quests, she will just tell to not miss him again, lol 🙂

  4. P

    As a side note, these are not the only quests that can be done in order to get the Aerondight.

  5. B
    Breiner Oliveros Garcia

    What’s the armor he has?

    1. P

      It was the Griffin Witcher set with, I guess, white dye.

  6. H

    I chose a different answer at Feet as Cold as Ice and still got the sword.

  7. S

    I did all the quests but i chose the exact opposite of what it says here

  8. S

    but is still got the sword

  9. C

    I need to know if there’s another way to prove generosity

    1. S
      Sady lobo

      In blucleir you can find a quest about a Paint of geralt. Let the guy Paint you, be kind and buy it. That will give you the generosity value

  10. B

    Another way to prove valor please, please.

    1. B

      I proved my valor by completing the Bovine Blues mission

      1. L

        That is what I did… 🙂

  11. C

    Also if you have the Hearts of stone expansion the enchanting merchant can add 3 sockets to the sword

  12. S

    Guess I got lucky. Got the sword after doing all the required quest in the required way. Blind. Heh. Had W1 save imported, too.

  13. I

    Is there any other way to prove generosity? I missed the little boy

    1. F

      Want Generosity and didn’t give the child 5 crowns? Buy the painting of Geralt for 1000 crowns after the quest A Portrait of the Witcher as a old man!

  14. N

    Damn son, I did some of the quests before talking with the hermit, will it affect anything?

    1. E

      No, providing you fill the criteria. I did all the quests before talking to the hermit and got the sword just by fighting him. Only realised the five quest thing after stumbling on this article

  15. K


    Another opportunity to prove GENEROSITY is available when you can pay 500 crowns to the bootblack boy at the docks for some informations

  16. B

    I got there and got the sword right away.

  17. K

    Just an FYI, but you can go back to the Rune word guy and put sockets on Aerondight

  18. P

    I received the “compassion” virtue by rescuing the Spotted Wight in the main quest.

    1. P

      By the way, this was after I received the Wisdom virtue in the quest with the three brothers.

  19. C

    I really need a third way for Compassion & Wisdom ,because i finish the two quest before and a kill the Shaelmaar and the Spotten Wight. Thanks

  20. J

    I did the quest for compassion and wisdom before speaking with the hermit, and I finished the main story, so I have no way to this bloody compassion and wisdom. And when I did the quest, its told me to wait for compassion and wisdom. So if you have a other way for the both ,thanks

  21. D

    Any other way to get wisdom besides the two they listed?

    1. E

      I got wisdom by completing the quest with the ghost (specter) of the actress at the amphitheater south of Beauclair. The one where you have to trace her steps and light the candles in a certain order.

      1. Y

        Can confirm what eric said, this works! It’s the treasure hunt in the amphitheater, just follow the path and light the candles to get the wisdom part of the Aerondight questline.

  22. J

    Lol “solve a particularly vague quest”. I literally just stumbled upon it, I didn’t solve anything. I played a bit in to the DLC, did about 5-10 quests of various types, then I happened to ride by that location and saw the hermit. When I talked to him he fought me and I got the sword after. Zero problem solving was involved.

    1. B

      You had already met the requirements by chance, the same thing happened to me. Some people have not however and they only get told to show wisdom, valor, generosity, compassion and honor, but they are not told how to do it, so yeah it is a rather vague quest if you are unlucky.

  23. J

    I did compassion with the quest of goodness, gracious, great balls of granite! , you must use Axii on the husband and let the old man keep “his precious”. But even with the other quests one have no wisdom. Someone have a way except the three brother and lift the curse.

  24. R

    I was trying to finish most of the secondary quest before doing the major one in Blood and wine, happened to stumble upon this one and all I have to do is to fight him since he said I have already proved myself of all those other requirements, and I was like hmmm that was easy……

  25. C

    You can get wisdom by completing the gwente tournament, father knows worst, choosing to lift the curse on the Wight and successfully doing it (eat without a spoon) or by a knights tale quest, take a good look around the witches hut making sure you find everything in there before you look at the bear skin, when she appears ask her for help and when she asks you why choose the humble option, hope that helps someone had a right pain getting wisdom myself, buggered up saving the Wight and decided the brothers needed to die for what they did in father knows worst.

    1. C

      *** you need to let the brothers live in father knows worst.

    2. M

      really thank you i am appreciate. I think this must be add in main guide, there are too people looking another wisdom quest.

    3. A

      thank u i finally got the wisdom one i needed by doing the knight tales quest and picking the humble option

  26. J

    Honor: in the ‘The Warble of a Smitten Knight’ quest I chose to be Revix, so after the horse race I didn’t have a choice but to fight, and it wasn’t exactly a duel either, so no honor there. I did however get the ‘honor’ notification at the end of the quest, I’m guessing it’s because I kept Vivienne’s secret.

  27. R
    Radley of Rivia

    Does anyone know how the permanent damage increase mechanic works? I seem to get full charges on the sword (every hit is a critical) but I’ve only been able to increase its damage by 2 so far (despite killing quite a few enemies with it)

    1. J

      There’s a little counter for the sword charges next to the potion counters. You have to get it to 10. Then when you kill something there’s a flash and a sound, like an exploding Quen. If it’s not triggering, maybe you’ve already hit the cap?

  28. I

    funny thing is , that I just got the sword, I’m level 46 and it matches my level… in the screen shot here it marked level 52 which is surprisingly not so and I wonder why.
    in addition to it i also followed and aquiered the Gesheft sword that is level 45 and have better stats.

    wonder why that is

  29. T

    You can also get the Wisdom virtue by finishing the Gwent Tourney without losing.

  30. W

    the Honor part just cheated guy for more reward and not yet at the alt way quest yet i gotten the sword

  31. P

    Went,talket,fought,got the sword, seem’s not evribody here is a true witcher.

  32. J

    Can anyone tell me whether the +10% damage from every charge applies also to the crits when fully charged, or are they the base stat crits?
    What I mean is: is the final, fully charged sword’s damage 200% of base damage * crit, or 100% base * crit?

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