Black Pearl


Black Pearl is a secondary quest given to you by Nidas behind Golden Sturgeon by the docks.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:10 Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Nidas is a old soldier looking for a travelling companion to cross the sea.
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He made a promise to his loving Letta get a hold of a black and rare pearl before they reunite.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Meet Nidas near the collapsed bridge to the east of Arinbjorn.

Once you decide to help Nidas, he’ll tell you the rendezvous point will be at a collapsed bridge near Arinbjorn, in Skellige.

As you journey to Ard Skellig and dock at Arinbjorn head to the western part of the island.

Here you will be looking for three rocky islands connected by barely standing ruined bridges, you are at the right location if you see the Eldberg Lighthouse.

Continue along the path until you reach the northern side of the southernmost bridge.

Follow Nidas to the pearl bed.

Nidas will provide some insight in form of a history lesson.
After which you agree to help locate the pearl, and then let Nidas take the lead.

Follow him along the northern path, which threads a small ravine until you finally come upon a beach.

Find a black pearl.

Search for pearls will require you to dive in the objective area.

Diving down to the ocean floor and using your witches senses along with minimap will bring you to oysters.
Keep opening oysters until one of them yields the rare pearl.

Return to Nidas.

As you arrive at the surface, make haste for old man Nidas is under attack!

Swiftly dispatch the pack of three downers and a Siren, for if they manage to fatally wound Nidas the quest ends in failure.

Once the monsters are dealt with, hand the pearl to Nidas.
He’ll be both thankful and amazed by your feat, and will tell you to meet him at Goldeon Sturgeon for your reward.

Meet Nidas in the Golden Sturgeon to collect your reward.

As you make your way back to Novigrad’s docks where it all began, you’ll meet with Nidas at a local bar.

You’ll learn that despite all the effort to get the black pearl for his beloved, it may have been for naught.
As Letta is sick and forgetful, and doesn’t even remember his face.
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