Blood Ties


Blood Ties is a secondary quest available in Velen.

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Near the Nilfgaardian camp Geralt ran into a noblewoman from far-off Nazair.
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She had journeyed to the front in search of her son, a soldier. The woman was worried because her son would write her often, but at some point had suddenly stopped. No on in the camp knew what had happened to him, but the woman did not believe they were truly ignorant. She offered Geralt a reward for discovering the truth.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

If you walk around the main Niflgaardian Army Camp, in the far southwest of Velen, you will hear the wails of a finely-clothed woman somewhere in the camp. When you approach she will ask if you could find her son, Hrodeberth, who was serving in the Nazairi cavalry. Offer her your help.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the quartermaster about the noblewoman’s son.

Head south toward the tents and the notice board. Enter the largest structure, the one bearing the sun insignia of Emhyr. Speak with the quartermaster inside and inform him of your quest. He will not divulge the location of the noblewoman’s son, so you will have three options to get the information.
Choice 1

Bribe him.

Bribing him will cost you 100 crowns.
Choice 2

Use Axii on him.

You need Axii Level 2 in order to be able to influence his mind and get him to reveal the information.
Choice 3

Get the information for free.

If you’ve completed Contract: Patrol Gone Missing, and got an award from the quartermaster, you may be able to get the information without resorting to bribes or magic.

Find Hrodeberth’s body.

The quartermaster will reveal that most of the Nazairi cavalrymen were caught and hanged in the swamp to the northwest of the camp.

Head over to that area – between Nilarius’ Farm and Kimbolt Way. Hrodeberth is hanging from a makeshift gallows, next to a man impaled on a stake. You will recognize him by his red hair.

Look up and examine the corpse, then check the ground below it, you will find a letter to his mother.

Return to the mother.

Return to the noblewoman and tell her what fate had befallen her son, using the letter as evidence. She will ask you how he died, and you’ll have to make a choice. This is the end of the quest.
Choice 1

Tell her that her son was killed in battle.

Choice 2

Tell her that her son deserted and was hanged.

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