Contract: Devil By The Well


Contract: Devil by the Well is the first Witcher Contract quest you’ll come across in the game. You will have to dispose of a Noonwraith and a nearby Abandoned village.
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Quest requires some investigation and you have several choice to make.

Key Facts

Location:White Orchard
  • Accept Odolan’s reward: 50XP + 20 Crowns
  • Refuse Odolan’s reward: 50XP + Amethyst

Quest Text

Good folk,

I know there’s a war on and every man’s got trouble enough of his own, but perhaps there’s one of you who could help a father in need.

You all surely know the well in the ruined village, and then devil that guards it with a jealous fury – and if you don’t know, well, come ask and I’ll tell you all about it.

Whoever drives that monster away from the well will get a fat purse full of gold. Just don’t tarry, for it’s an urgent matter.


Starting NPC

Additional Info

Noonwraith can spawn even before you found out what exactly makes it appear. She usually appears around noon (surprise!) and it will become hostile if you come too close. You can do all the examinations first to naturally bring the quest to the ending fight with the noonwraith.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Ask Odolan about the contract.

Odolan can be found inside his house in western part of the village.

Find the spirit that haunts the well.

Abandone village should be marked on your map if you selected to track the quest. You can meditate until noon to have the noonwraith spawn and fight it immediately, but you will have to fight it again at the end of the quest.

Find evidence of the spirit’s presence using your Witcher Senses.

Use Witcher senses and examine the burned grass next to the well and a burned dog corpse close by.

Read the entry about noonwraiths in the Bestiary.

Open your Bestiary and you’ll find two entries there – one about noonwraiths in general and one about Devil by the Well itself. This also helps you determine that you’ll probably need some Spectral Oil and using the Yrden sign will be helpful when you fight the spirit.

Find out what binds the noonwraith to the ruined village.

You will have to explore three nearby huts to find the clues as to what happened. Go to the easternmost hut to find the journal and a dead body. I recommend you loot all the stuff from the huts, could be useful later on.

Follow the drag marks using your Witcher Senses.

Drag marks take you back to the well where noonwraith should have spawned by now.

Read the diary from the ruined house.

Go to your inventory and under quest items you should find the diary explaining why this village is here.

Use your Witcher Senses to examine the well.

If the noonwraith is there you can meditate a few hours and she should despawn. Now you can use your Witcher sense to examine the well. You should see a rope tied to the well and going inside. Examine it.

Go down the well and look for something that belonged to the dead woman using your Witcher Senses.

Jump into the well. Dive down (Default key C) and use your witcher sense. There should be a chest with some loot there and a red glowing skeleton arm. You found the item we need to banish the noonwraith forever.

Once in the water, you should use your Witcher Senses and you should see a faint red glow at the bottom of the well. Dive down to get the quest item.

Leave the cave

Swim back up to the surface and there is a ledge nearby you can climb onto. Follow the short path and dive into another pool of water. Dive through the caves (and pick up some chests containing nice loot along the way) and you should find yourself surfacing at a pond close to the Abandoned Village.

Dive through the cave until you reach the pond’s surface.

Next you’ll have to face the wraith so get some potions and oils made.

Prepare to fight the noonwraith and light a fire near the well.

Go back to the Abandoned village and there will be a skeleton next to the well you can interact with. Next you’ll be finding the Devil by the Well. I recommend you get some Arenaria to craft some Spectral Oil. Devil by the Well can be a bit tricky. Dodge away from her attack to avoid damage and do two quick swings. She does a blinding flash and hides, while spawning three copies that heal her. Do Yrden sign to place a trap with hopes this will unveil the noonwraith. If it doesn’t quickly kill the three spawned clones because they will heal her back to full health. Dodge + two quick strike + dodge and Yrden to unveil her is the strategy here.

Don’t forget to loot the wraith.

Take a trophy from the noonwraith.

Return to Odolan for a reward.

You have a choice whether to take his money or not.
Choice 1


If you choose to take the reward you will get 50XP and 20 Crowns
Choice 2

Keep the coin. For your daughter.

If you choose to forgo the monetary reward you will get 50XP and an Amethyst.
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