Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers is a secondary quest that is available in the Skellige Isles and involves a fair amount of sailing.

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Category:Side Quest
Reward:55 Crowns

Quest Text

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Off the northeastern coastline of Ard Skellig there is a rock formation known as the Toes of the Giants.
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Explore the beach around it to find a campsite and two boats near it. There will be several dagr there; kill them all.

From there, swim north toward the rocks jutting from the water. There is a shipwreck on them, along with four pirates plundering what is left of the ship. Defeat them to start the quest.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Look for signs indicating the cargo’s owner.

There will be two chests nearby: the first one contains a Solid Skellige Sword, the second has an emblem of Clan Brokvar on its lid. Take the sword and anything else you may find in them.

Ask the shopkeeper in the Clan Brokvar village on Spikeroog about the shipwrecked cargo.

You must now sail to the island of Spikeroog, northwest of Ard Skellig, and go to the village of Svorlag.

When you disembark, speak to the shopkeeper in the harbor, next to the Notice Board. Tell him of the shipwreck you’ve found and he will inform you that it is probably the Hemdall’s Wrath, which set sail for the Continent a month before.

He will express his hope that you’ve come across the captain’s ornate sword – the one you picked up from the first chest. Give him the sword and receive a small reward. The quest is now over.
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