Forefathers Eve


Forefathers Eve is a secondary quest available in Velen. You can do it after completing Secondary Quest: A Towerful of Mice, but before Main Quest: Family Matters.
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You can also go to Keira Metz’s cottage and start it there (if you completed Main Quest: Family Matters, and then Secondary Quest: A Towerful of Mice).The pellar will automatically walk up to you.

Key Facts

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Quest Text

During his travels through No Man’s Land Geralt ran into the pellar once more. The strange fellow had a favor to ask of the witcher. He wanted Geralt to help him perform a cherished local peasant rite known as Forefathers’ Eve. During this ritual, he explained, lost spirits are summoned and their deeds judged – fantastic material, by the way, for a poet looking to make his name with an atmospheric ballad. This Forefathers’ Eve was set to be held at midnight on Fyke Isle, and Geralt, having no other plans and his curiosity piqued, promised to attend.

Starting NPC

Name: The Pellar


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Meet the pellar in the stone circle on Fyke Isle.

The pellar approaches you and requests your presence at a ritual that is being held that night on Fyke Isle. Your task will be to protect the ritual from any souls of the damned that might try to stop it. Agree to help the pellar, then travel to the standing stones on the southwestern part of the island. Before the ritual begins, you can meditate and prepare for the coming battle.

Pellar will only talk to you at midnight (12:00 AM).

Protect the ritual’s participants.

At the start of the ceremony, a few drowners will attack the edge of the circle closest to the lake. They will be accompanied by a water hag. Draw them away from the circle and close to the water, then kill them all.

The pellar will then summon the gost of an old man called Ambros (his father), after which the two will converse for a while. The ritual will then be interrupted again by witch hunters who want to stop the pellar’s necromancy. The pellar will ask you to intervene, giving you two choices.
Choice 1

Persuade the witch hunters to leave.

You will not be successful, however, so you will have to dispose of all the witch hunters. The ritual will then continue.
Choice 2

Tell the pellar that you do not want to fight.

The witch hunters will then disperse the peasants and put out the fire. The ritual will be over and the pellar will be dejected. The quest will end.

Defeat the wraiths.

After you’ve defeated the witch hunters and spilled blood on the sacred ground, the pellar will be worried that some malicious beings will appear. Soon after that, three wraiths will appear, screaming that the pellar killed his father.

The priest will then tell you to find the body of Ambros, whose ghost was summoned, and sever his bond to the wraiths and the land of the living.

Find the body of the pellar’s father in the swamps.

You can either swim or take a boat to the marshes, then carefully explore the edge of the bog, west of Orphan Village. The corpse is well preserved and will thus be relatively easy to spot.

You may run across some rotfiends in the area; kill them and then burn the corpse with your Igni skill.

Talk to the Pellar.

Go to the pellar’s hut, near the village of Blackbough, to speak with him. If you wish, you can ask him if he really killed his father; regardless, the conversation will end on a positive note, with the pellar offering to sell you herbs and remedies. The quest is over.
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