How to Get Netflix Armor Witcher 3 Next Gen

If you don’t know how to get the Netflix armor in the Witcher 3 next gen update, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In order to obtain the gear that Henry Cavill wears in the show, you’ll have to do quite a bit of work, actually. We are going to give you a broad overview of how to get the armor set without getting into spoilers.

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how to get netflix armor witcher 3 next gen
How to Get Netflix Armor Witcher 3 Next Gen

How to Get Netflix Armor in Witcher 3 Next Gen Update

To get the Netflix armor set in the Witcher 3 next gen update, aka the studded armor that Henry Cavill wears in the show, the first step is to go to Velen. Specifically, you want to head to either the Hanged Man’s Tree fast travel point, or the Devil’s Pit point, whichever you have unlocked. Either way, you want to make your way to the mine southeast of the Hanged Man’s Tree. We’ll show you exactly where you need to go in the images below. Once you’re near the entrance to the mine, you’ll see a brand new NPC. He’s an Eternal Fire priest standing next to a cart at the side of the road. You can’t miss him.

So, in order to get the Henry Cavill Netflix armor set in the Witcher 3 next gen update, talk to the priest and complete the side quest he gives you. It takes about an hour to finish up, give or take. We would recommend being around level 20 before attempting the mission. This is both because the quest is not easy, and because you can’t wear the armor before the twentieth level. Once you complete the quest, you’ll get schematics to craft the Netflix gear, which includes the entire armor set (actual in-game name is Forgotten Wolven Set), as well as a new silver and steel sword that go with them. Yeah, a lot more work than the White Tiger set and samurai swords.

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