Hidden Treasure in Velen | The Witcher 3

Hidden treasures are places of interest in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, scattered about the land and locked in concealed chests. There are 10 of them in Velen, the largest area in the game.
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Note that the treasures found in the chests are randomized, so the items you get may be different from ours.

Lost Goods

This treasure is found across the water from the southern island of Oxenfurt. If you go straight north from the Ferry Station signpost, you will come across the body of a Nilfgaardian soldier in the grass, with the buildings of Oxenfurt visible in the distance. Loot his corpse to find his notes and start the quest. Head east to the shore, you will come across a small jetty and some level 4 drowners. Kill them, then look for a chest in the grass, behind the boat and next to the water. In the chest are:
  • 20 Florens
  • Pure Silver
  • Silver Ore

Hidden From the World

Southeast and across the water from the Ferry Station signpost there is a camp of deserters overlooking a road. There are three deserters, all level 9. Kill them, then search the corpse lying between a box and two barrels. You’ll get:
  • Letter
  • Novigrad longsword
Read the letter, then head south to the objective area. The chest is hidden among some bushes and a tree. In it you’ll find:
  • String
  • Wolf’s liver
  • Diagram: Disglair
  • Trapper’s boots
  • Linen
  • Ducal Water
  • 2 Crowns

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Head north from Reardon Manor until you come across a cluster of burned huts on the right side of the road. Next to the huts is a wooden entrance to an underground cellar, protected by a door. There is a level 9 ghoul lurking in the shadows, so be on your toes. Once you’ve killed the ghoul, break open the cellar door and go down. There will be a corpse lying on the right, on some kind of wooden platform. Search it to find:
  • Key to treasure chest
  • Crumpled notes
  • Smoking pipe
Read the crumpled notes to start the quest. You’ll find the treasure in a chest hidden at the base of a haystack, on the other side of the huts. The chest contains:
  • Mag Deira cuirass
  • 2x Dwarven spirit
  • Rivian kriek
  • 3x Lesser Chernobog Runestone

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

To start this quest, go north from the village of Lurch until you reach the river, then swim across it to a small dock. On the right side of the dock, next to the remains of a boat, you’ll find a corpse lying in the water. Take the Unsent Letter from it and read it to start the quest. Head east to the objective area, then dive down. You will be attacked by drowners on the way there. Kill them and get to the chest. Inside you’ll find:
  • Novigrad longsword
  • Pure silver
  • Harvall (Relic)
  • 2x Dwarven spirit
  • Viziman champion

Tough Luck

To the east and slightly south of the Devil’s Pit there is a broken cart by the side of the road, with three corpses near it. Approach the cart and search the corpse of a man sitting on the ground with his back against the cart. You’ll find a Letter and Flowers. Read the letter to start the quest. Approach the other two corpses nearby and loot the corpse of the woman. You’ll find a small key and two Florens on it. Go back to the cart and use the key to unlock the chest that has nearly fallen out of the cart. You’ll get:
  • Diagram: Precision bolt
  • 25 Crowns
  • 4x Linen
  • Greater Morana runestone
  • Viziman champion
  • 5x Fried fruit
  • Lesser Glyph of Quen
  • Axeman’s gauntlets

Blood Gold

This quest is available in the middle island of a small island cluster to the northwest of Oxenfurt. To start it, head to the location marked on the map below and loot the corpse of the soldier lying against a wooden table. You’ll get:
  • Bloodstained key
  • Bloodstained document
  • Dried fish
Now turn around and head northwest, across the water. The chest is beneath a derelict wooden lookout post or scaffolding of some kind – consult the picture below. It contains:
  • Nails
  • Ruby
  • Diagram: Assassin’s boots
  • Headhunter (Relic sword)
  • Ard Skellig aketon
  • Coal
  • Lunar Shards
  • Axeman’s gauntlets

Battlefield loot

This hidden treasure can be found on the northernmost island of the small archipelago to the northwest of Oxenfurt. Next to the remains of a wooden pallisade, you’ll find the corpses of a man and a dog, lying near each other. Check the first image below. Loot the corpse of the man to get:
  • Key attached to a crumpled note
  • Crumpled notes
Pick them up to start the quest, then look for a wooden watchtower behind a disused ballista. Go there and destroy the barrels to uncover the treasure chest. Unlock it with the key you’ve found on the man’s body. You’ll get:
  • Wolf hide
  • Dark steel plate
  • Iron ore
  • Cured draconid leather
  • Skellige gambeson
  • Saddlebags

The Things Men Do For Coin…

To get to this treasure, sail west from Border Post and disembark on the eastern shore of the nearest island. You’re looking for a corpse beneath a wooden lookout post, see the first image below. Loot the corpse to get:
  • Treasure key
  • Letter
  • Smoking pipe
The the left of the corpse, slightly in the distance, you’ll see a huge pile of corpses (the red arrow in the first picture). The chest is hidden beneath a heap of wooden boards next to the corpse pile, see the second image below. Use the key you got from the corpse to unlock the chest and get:
  • Crossbow
  • Temerian poniard
  • Diagram: Scoia’tael sword
  • Tracker’s trousers
  • Swordsman’s boots


This hidden treasure is in the marshes south of the Kimbolt Way signpost and west of the House of Respite. It is protected by a high-level fiend, so it is best to sneak your way to it. Check the first image below for its exact location. The chest is a locked basement of sorts (second image), so you’ll need to find the key for the door. Close to the door, in the direction of the fiend, is a small pond an a few corpses. Loot the corpse nearest to the door and you’ll get a Bandit’s key and Bandit’s notes. Use the key to open the door, then go in and loot the two chests inside. You’ll get:

Right chest:
  • Silver ingor
  • Elemental essence
  • Hardened leather
  • Flawless diamond
  • Silver
  • 4x Timber
  • Pig hide
Left chest:
  • Pure silver
  • Meteorite silver plate
  • Optima matter
  • White bear hide
  • Princess Xenthia’s sword
  • Cidarian gambeson

Bird island

To get to this hidden treasure, you’ll have to get to Bird Island, off the eastern coast of Velen (see the first image below). Disembark near a broken boat surrounded by some packages. Look out for drowners. Use your Witcher Senses to track red footsteps leading from the corpse and through the mist. You will have to fight level 4 foglets on your way. The tracks end near a corpse lying against the skull of what appears to have been an elephant. Loot the corpse to get the Scratched key. The chest you’re looking for is on the southeastern tip of the island, concealed in the mist. Consult the second image below for its exact location. When you open it, you’ll get:
  • White wolf hide
  • Elemental essence