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Horse races are activities you can do in The Witcher 3. There are 11 opponents you can race, and winning nets you crowns, experience, and fancy horse equipment.
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If you beat all of them, you’ll unlock the Fast And Furious achievement. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all the Witcher 3 horse races, as well as the rewards you’ll get for winning.

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Crow’s Perch Horse Races

You’ll find the first three opponents in Crow’s Perch. Just go to the crossroads outside the western side of town and talk to Radko – he’ll sign you up, and you’ll get to choose who to race first. All three take place on the same track – from there to Blackbough and back.

Stuttering MatkoRacing Saddle (+40 horse stamina)
Iron-Arse HansSaddlebags (+30 inventory weight)
Black BogdanHorse Blinders (+20 horse fear level)

Vegelbud Residence Horse Races

After you’re finished with Crow’s Perch, you can head north-east to Vegelbud Residence, east of Novigrad. You’ll have to finish the main quest Get Junior for these races to unlock. Talk to the race master up on the bleachers, and he’ll let you take part in the Erasmus Vegelbud Derby. You’ll have to pay 100 crowns for entry into each race.

Seamus HoltSuperior Racing Saddle (+50 horse stamina)
Viscount RommerRugged Saddlebags (+70 inventory weight)
Luc VegelbudSuperior Cavalry Saddle (+70 horse stamina)

Novigrad Horse Race

After you’ve won the derby, you’ll get a letter from Carlo Varese. Read it, then go to Carlo’s place near Heirarch Square in Novigrad. You’ll get the chance to ride a single race with a couple of opponents. If you win, you’ll get the Racing Horse Blinders (+40 horse fear level).

Skellige Horse Races

The last batch of horse races is held in several places across the Skellige Isles. When you win the first three, you’ll be able to race the current champion.

RannvaigZerrikanian Blinders (+60 horse fear level)
North-east of FayrlundZerrikanian Saddlebags (+100 inventory weight)
North of PalisadeCavalry Saddle (+60 horse stamina)
LarvikZerrikanian Saddle (+80 horse stamina)




  1. R
    rocket gonzo

    hello, i can find all the races fine apart from the one at crows perch im struggling with. Just doesn’t show on the notice board and there is no one by the cross roads to the west of crows perch.

    1. R

      Try going there at night, although they are there for me during the day and they force a wait until midnight if you choose to race.

    2. G

      I had the same problem. Had to do some main quest before the race was “resarted”

  2. R
    Ramybe Jums

    Is anyone else not getting the achievement even though you have won all of the races ?? I have won all the races and there are non left in my quests log yet still no achievement.

    1. K
      Kane Sagar

      I second this ^

  3. E

    Version 1.20 the horse race on Fayrlund is bugged out so bad you cant even start the first art of the race. Seems like … invisible obstacles or something? Needs to be looked into by CDPR. Along with the missing card “Emhyr var Emreis” ( without the B&W DLC installed). What an aggrivating mess. Should be able to platinum with 1.20 base version of came. It is impossible.

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