Master Armorer | The Witcher 3

Master Armorer is a craftsman in The Witcher 3. She’s the greatest armorer in the game, and can make the best armor. If you want her to help you, you’ll need to finish a quest first. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Witcher 3 master armorsmith and how to gain access to her services.

Where To Find Master Armorer

She is located in Crow’s Perch, Velen. You need to talk to Fergus Graem to start the quest “Master Armorers”, before she’ll craft anything for you. The quest is meant for level 24 characters. She’ll send you off to Undvik Isle on Skellige, where you’ll have to crawl through a cave and fight a troll to get some tools. After that, you’ll have to get an archgriffin acid gland from an Archgriffin north of Crow’s Perch.

After you’ve brought them the tools and the acid, the woman will finally be able to craft you the best armor you can get in the game.

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