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Oils are substances used to coat swords in The Witcher 3. They allow the user to do more damage to certain types of enemies. Thanks to that, even those not versed in alchemy can find a use for them. In this guide, we’re going to show you all the Witcher 3 oils, ingrediends needed to prepare them, their effects as well as places to find recipes.

witcher 3 oils

List of oils

NameEffectIngredientsRecipe location
Specter OilGives +10% attack power against SpectersYou start the game with it
Necrophage OilGives +10% attack power against NecrophagesYou start the game with it
Hanged Man’s VenomGives +10% attack power against humans and nonhumans???
Beast OilGives +10% attack power against Beasts
  • Dog Tallow x1
  • Wolf’s Liver x2
Cursed OilGives +10% attack power against Cursed Ones
  • Dog Tallow x1
  • Wolfsbane x2
Vampire OilGives +10% attack power against Vampires
  • Bear Fat x1
  • Ducal Water x4
Insectoid OilGives +10% attack power against Insectoids
  • Dog Tallow x1
  • Ranogrin x4
Draconid OilGives +10% attack power against Draconids
  • Dog Tallow x1
  • Ergot Seeds x4
Ogroid OilGives +10% attack power against Ogroids
  • Bear Fat x1
  • Ginatia Petals x4
Elementa OilGives +10% attack power against Elementa
  • Dog Tallow x1
  • Puffball x4
Hybrid OilGives +10% attack power against Hybrids
  • Dog Tallow x1
  • White Myrtle Petals x4
Relict OilGives +10% attack power against Relicts
  • Dog Tallow x1
  • Mistletoe x5

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  1. V

    Wow… can I really find Vampire Oil at ‘???’ ? I’ve been looking everywhere! Thanks for the help!

    1. J

      You can buy vampire oil in skellig from herbalists.

  2. J

    Hi, i really dont know where to ask 😀 i searching it last week and didnt find the answer ..
    I need draconid oil, but i killed Keira 😀 ..is any other option to find it ?
    And question – if you update in some time the locations of any other oils ? in this page 🙂

    1. L

      Hey I have the exact same issue!! So frustrating, did you end up do song anything on this… I’ve spent so long searching online with no luck 🙁

  3. D

    Ogrid oil is found in the labyrinth in a chest where you are ambushed when posing as albert vegelbud

  4. B

    killed keira and only missing beast and hybrid oil. saw that they one out of the two could be found in a chest in a cave underwater in crows perch, only thing is when i went for it chest didn’t say i could open it and i know i didn’t get that chest yet. So my question is where can i find these oils help plz.

  5. L

    Hey guys, I know it’s about a year too late for some of you, but… since there are still some question marks as to the locations of oils, I’d figured I would chip in with my bit and try to make life easier for those of you who can still use it. I have just found Beast oil manuscript page in a chest near Crow’s Perch. There’s an alternative passage to the fort (if you, like me, killed the bandits at the crossroads, game will basically send you there), for those of you who gained access through the gate, there’s a shrine by the river, and the underwater passage is right behind it. There’s one Water Hag in the cave, but behind her, in one of two chests at the bottom of the pool there was the formula for Beast oil. I hope it helps 😉

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