The Witcher 3 Romance Guide

Sex is an important part of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Some of the characters Geralt gets to bed are true romantic interests, while others are just casual partners. Either way, in order to end up in bed with your chosen partner, you’ll have to seduce them. This will be done through gifts, sweet talking and similar actions. In this Witcher 3 romance guide, we’re going to list all the character we find you can have sex with, as well as the conditions for having it. Since sex scenes are going to play a big role in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you can take a look at our latest The Witcher 3 Sex Scenes article.

Shani – Hearts of Stone Expansion

Shani is a young field medic, and an old acquaintance of Geralt’s – whoever played the first Witcher game should remember her. She appears in the Hearts of Stone expansion, and can become a romantic partner. Wooing her will let you discover more about her, and reward you with a sex scene. The Shani romance plays out during a quest called A Midnight Clear.

If you give her the rowan flower, you’ll get the first scene.

The second scene, with a twist, is unlocked by offering her booze (mead or brandy) instead.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer is the closest we’ll see of Geralt’s true love. You will get a chance to sleep with her twice during the game. For the first time to happen, you need to finish the The King Is Dead: Long Live The King quest. When choosing your outfit, go for the black and white one. After you’ve killed the elemental in the laboratory, the will start filling up with gas. Chose the option to kiss her during the conversation, and she’ll teleport you to safety – safety being her bedroom. Now you just need to ask her to let you watch.

The second encounter happens during the No Place Like Home main quest. After the dinner, when Yennefer goes up to her room, you can come along with her, provided you’ve already been intimate.

Triss Merigold

witcher 3 romance guide triss merigoldThose who’ve played the previous games are already familiar with Triss – she has starred in both of the former games, and has been available for romance in both, too. Once again, she can be a romantic interest if you choose so. You need to finish her sidequest – Now or Never, after you’ve done the main quest A Favor For Radovid, as well as the secondary quest A Matter of Life And Death.

During the A Matter of Life and Death, you need to kiss Triss at the masquerade. When you start Now or Never, go and defend the mages. When you’re at the docks near the end, tell her you love her. She then boards the boat, but comes back for you. You then have sex at a lighthouse. If Djikstra asks you to kill Radovid, you’ve failed to spark a fire in Triss and should reload an earlier save file.

Sex With Triss and Yennefer

If you thought it might be nice to hook up with both Triss and Yennefer, we have to warn you – it’s not going to happen. If you tell Yennefer you love her during the Last Wish quest, and you tell Triss the same thing during Now or Never, you’ll end up with neither. On the positive side, you’ll be awarded with this cinematic:

Keira Metz

witcher 3 romance guide keira metzKeira Metz is a sorceress, and given Geralt’s fondness of sorceresses, having the option to sleep with Keira isn’t really a surprise. In order to have sex with her, you’ll need to finish the secondary quest A Favor For A Friend (which requires finishing An Invitation from Keira Metz and A Towerful of Mice). After you’ve finished the quest, she’ll challenge you to a horse race, which you should accept.

It’s an easy win, especially if you watch out for shortcuts. After that, you’ll have dinner together. She will make advances quite openly, so all you have to do is not turn her down on purpose. Use the witcher senses to follow the trail of clothes, at the end of which is Keira. In the nude.

Madame Sasha

You will meet Madame Sasha during a Gwent tournament tied to the High Stakes secondary quest. You will thwart a robbery together, and after you’ve caught the culprits, she’ll invite you to the Kingfisher Inn. Once there, she’ll reveal the truth about herself, and after she invites you to her room, all you need to do is accept.

Jutta An Dimun

After you’ve finished the Iron Maiden secondary quest, go to the hills east of Ringvald. You’ll see a ring where you can challenge Jutta to a swordfight. If she hesitates, you’ll have to beat up a guy down in the village first. Make sure you win the fight with Jutta, and she’ll invite you over to her house. Accept and enjoy.


Brothels and bath houses have their role in the Northern Realm, and you’ll be able to visit them and indulge yourself, provided you have the crowns. Crippled Kate’s Brothel in Novigrad, near the docks, has three working girls on offer, and the price is 20 crowns for each. Then there’s Passiflora, also in Novigrad. This one’s a bit more pricey (40 crowns per visit), but the quality of the service is supposedly better too.

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  1. S

    When will you post it

  2. A

    “If Djikstra asks you to kill Radovid, you’ve failed to spark a fire in Triss and should reload an earlier save file.”

    I don’t get it, Djikstra asks it anyway after the lighthouse.

    Did you mean “if he asks you to kill Radovid right after the boat, it means your romance is failed” ?

    1. A

      This comment is retarded. Why the fuck would happens after the lighthouse have to do with anything? If the objective is complete then any thing extra, is exactly that. . . EXTRA.

      1. D

        If he asks you after triss goes to the boat then “the spark has faded”

  3. B
    Bobby Billy Bass

    “Yennefer is the closest we’ll see of Geralt’s true love”. Did you or anyone else for that matter that have a hard-on for her even pay attention to dialogue and body language throughout the game, along with specific quests regarding them and dialogue hints dropped from Cerys along with fellow Witchers? Or for that matter even complete the game?

    *******SPOILER BELOW*******

    He was under a fucking spell she was responsible for from the wish the 1st Djinn granted. CD even went so far as to make him very uncharacteristically “goofy” (while under the effect of the 1st Djinn) around her and her only regardless of whomever else he was interacting with to the point he was acting like when they were all drunk at Kaer Morhen and dialed the sorcerer; whereas he and others specifically stated his mutagen rendered him extremely apathetic, but she was NOT acting the same. If anything, the opposite was true; IF she was under the same spell, she should have also been acting “goofy” and less of a bitch; actually concerned when was missing, their on/off spats wouldn’t have occurred, and when they finally saw each other for the 1st time in Vizima during Act1, it would have been mutual but she seemingly could have cared less. This completely contradicts the effects Geralt was displaying openly, which again points to him only being the one under the spell. She was a cold bitch that constantly kept things from him and treated him like garbage, and in-game when you finally get to corner her on why she never sought him out earlier, she snows him. His smiling and acting passive and goofy around her despite technically not supposedly being capable was a subtle clue something wasn’t “right”, especially when she was acting like herself. It also can be inferred from the Last Wish quest that she wasn’t under the Djinn’s spell because she actually wanted to remove it to see if he’d still be interested or not. If 2 people are under some sort of love spell, neither would question it, and Geralt’s actions support this. Hers however do not and seems to be more of a desperation as he wasn’t “edgy” enough for her tastes. In-game, they have her commenting on how it’d “be nice” if Geralt took charge once and awhile. Again, this is a clever writing device to show she’s fully aware he’d be different if not under the spell. And again, if she was, she wouldn’t be questioning it. Could also argue their rocky relationship was due in part because she was angry he wasn’t more himself and was too submissive and clingy. And once again, if she was under the same spell, it wouldn’t be a consideration as she’d be just as goofy towards him. They kept referring to Djinn’s being sneaky with “wishes”, so it’d be a cruel thing to make him “puppy in love” while she wasn’t under the spell, but did have feelings for him, but the reality it wasn’t really “him” was getting the better of her, most likely by design of the spell to torment her. The scenario is actually quite cliche, but the writers weren’t blatantly obvious about it and it’s fairly brilliant writing as far as video games go (still thought them dressing up in her clothes during a drunken stupor and making the sorcerer think the Lodge was coming after him was a riot). And let’s not forget she’s actually some hideous hunchback like the Crones, but uses Glamour (smells like lilacs and gooseberries; Yenn’s room in Skelige she has some on her night stand and Geralt can “inspect it” prior to Last Wish while lamenting how he likes the smell- again rather out of character for him as he’s normally kind of dulled) to make herself appealing and apparently has to constantly apply it (otherwise Geralt wouldn’t have found it outlined in red in her room). This level of depth with the writing probably went over 80% of the people’s heads that played the game, but not mine. Nothing hot about a troll wearing make up and casting spells to get a guy. As far as game canon goes, Triss is at least genuine. People unconsciously drawn to the “Yenn” archetype are setting themselves up for a world of misery at the hands of some narcissistic bitch that’ll never love them. Have fun with that.

    1. T

      FINALLY! Someone who knows what Yen’s about… I said to myself, I mustn’t be the only one who doesn’t like Yen and how she treats and acts towards Geralt. However I didn’t know this backstory you shared, that’s pretty interesting and makes her even worse. Triss though, Triss… She’s just better in every imaginable way. Hotter, more beautiful, more genuine, red haired and actually shows some interest in trying to make the relationship work. One thing though, one thing that pisses me off is that there is, to me, a flagrant LACK of content regarding Triss in general compared to Yennefer. It’s like the game wants to force you to lean towards Yennefer as your love interest although Triss is obviously the better person. Oh and let’s not talk about Triss’s alternate costume… Oh don’t do it… Oh my gawd. Makes her even hotter if that’s possible. So people telling me Yen’s better than Triss are WRONG. TRISS >>>>>>>>> YENNEFER #TEAMTRISS

      1. D

        The way I look at them is like this: Triss is a wife material while Yen is just a sex partner. If I were Geralt I’d love to spend lots of passionate night with Yen, but I’ll spend my entire life with Triss. Triss is loveable while Yen is just plain arousing. I can’t help feeling simpathy towards Triss when Geralt didn’t deny they are called couple by Sigimund Djikstra. The look in her face! Damn it! Makes me want to embrace her.

        1. R

          My thoughts exactly. Thanks for saving me the trouble of trying to express my feelings in text 😀

          1. S

            Oh man i cant forget yen’s face , when she break the spell between her and geralt and then said i still love you BUT i said i dont love you anymoreee :)))))
            Dat face was priceless :)))
            I choose triss too , i didnt play previous games , but in witcher 3 , triss was better that bi*ch

      2. F

        You do know that Triss manipulated Geralt to love her? 😀 Both bitches aren’t that good like you think they are. Go for Uma instead

        1. G

          Gotta reply on this even though it comes really late. Triss *does* manipulate Geralt to love her but she doesn’t use a wish to force him. He’s not some naive 16 year old. All women do a bit of manipulating when it comes down to it. So Triss uses his loss of memory against him. So what? It’s not like he didn’t get anything out of it. Quite honestly she shows just how much she fell in love with him during that time by agreeing to help him find Yen anyway. She didn’t have to do that. Yen wouldn’t have.

    2. B

      “People unconsciously drawn to the “Yenn” archetype are setting themselves up for a world of misery at the hands of some narcissistic bitch that’ll never love them. Have fun with that.”

      Sounds exactly what happens to them in real life.

    3. T

      I’ll just leave this here

      *******SPOILER BELOW*******

      Written by pryingwanderer:
      “Dearest ladies and fair gents,

      It occurs to me that a rather generous amount of you has shown slightly more aggression than it is truly necessary towards the significantly smaller group of people that happens to support Yennefer of Vergenberg, rather than her “relationship” rival Triss Merigold. Is it really fair to send curses and detrimental profanities in her way whilst categorising Triss a whole-heartedly innocent, corageous soul? Lets fill some facts in, shall we; both significant and insignificant.

      1.) Back during her earliest childhood years, Yennefer was used, abused and publicly humiliated by her own father in various brutal ways, receiving absolutely no support nor even a light back up from her very mother. Thus her traumatic childhood has soon led her to the cold embrace of agonising devastation and the way out she found was self harm and attempt to suicide. “It was undoubtedly the lingering effects of these traumatic childhood experiences that drove her to attempt suicide soon after admission to our academy. The girl tried to cut open her forearm veins and ended up inflicting serious tendon damage” Did her her childhood break her, though, like it would break many others? Frankly, it did not.

      2.) Yennefer grew to be one of the finest, not to say THE finest, sorceresses there were and she accomplished that all on her own. She grew bash, haughty of her position, a little bit too sharp at times and a little bit too sassy. But guys, are those not human qualities? She was damaged, physically and physically, scarred, although those scars she wore with pride and honour because they made her grow to fear no man, no monster, no spirit.

      3.) Yennefer was one to change lovers quite often, I agree, but when she finally fell in love, we saw her falling wholly. We saw such unyielding loyalty in her, such complete and utter determination and more than that, behind the fierce mask of brutallity she wore, we saw tenderness, vulnerability, care and support and sacrifice and sensitivity.

      • “Yen?”

      “Oh… Geralt.”
“Yen, are you crying?”



      • […] After removing the necessary clothes, they made love on a sheepskin on the ground. They made love urgently, in silence, without words. They made love quickly, however. And then along came the climax and fulfilment, trembling and kissing each other’s tears, amazed at that fate had given them time to express their love. […]

      4.) Yennefer was the mother Cirilla never had. You fellas have the horrible tendency to call Yen careless, manipulative. Do you ever quit just for a brief, brief, brief moment just to observe the way she behaves with Ciri? She loves her as if she were her own child, so bloody much that she’d set the world on fire along with the entire sky above if something actually happened to her. Because lets face it, we all knew Ciri’s not dead and deeply, she did too.

      5.) Yennefer is a woman with guts, honour, glory and attitude. She will accept NO ONE snarling at her, let alone order her around. It’s how strong women are. How many times did she saved everyone’s asses? Guys, you hate on her behaviour but honestly, you don’t even put effort to see that the iron is only on the outside. Inside? Yennefer is pure gold. The issue is that many of you go ’‘team Triss all the way” and step over Yen’s character just because she is domineering.

      6.) Yennefer threw out, repeating, literally threw out of the balcony the bed Geralt and Triss made love on. Seriously, which other woman would do that? You say she does not really love the Witcher, although she was so furious with fervent zealousness that she threw the bed out and she gave no damn about what the rest would say or think about it.

      7.) Triss betrayed Cirilla, cutely, whole-heartedly and lovingly. 
Yennefer, being the manipulative, arrogant, indifferent bitch you claim she is, stood up for her, always, despite the occasion. She fought by her side and was to give her life and the life of all the others for her one daughter than wasn’t even her blood.

      8.) Triss took advantage of Geralt. Triss MANIPULATED Geralt and the book says that, rather than the other way around. Yen considered her a friend, she spoke dearly of her and Triss stole everything she held close behind her back, and she did it gloriously. Lets apprechiate her for being a pure sweetheart after that. 
Yen has flaws. She is, as I mentioned, self-centered and overweening and vain, but Triss is truly no angel herself. She fed Geralt with such enchanting lies and told him absolutely nothing true about his past.

      9.) Yen respected Triss’s relationship with Geralt. Can we say the same about Triss..?”

      I don’t hate Triss. But the manipulative one was definitely Triss…

    4. Y

      If you read the books, you would know, that Geralt would never even concider hooking with Triss if Yennefer was around. Writers of the game took some pretty heavy liberties with Geralts behavior. It made sense in Witcher 2 where Yenn was around for some unexplained reason, and Geralt suffered still from amnesia, but in w3 is just silly really.
      PS. In book universe Triss would never wear such outfit like this from dlc.

    5. E

      @Bobby Billy Bass
      I know this was posted about a year ago, but when I read this I couldn’t leave this uncommented.
      1. Geralt was responsible for the wish, he spoke it to the djinn. A lot of your argumentation relies on her being the one who who spoke out the wish.
      2. Geralt fell in love with her during the whole story with the djinn BEFORE he spoke his wish.
      3. There is no proof anyhow that the wish affected their behaviour. Geralt actually (in the books) behaves just the same afterwards so I wouldn’t go down that road.
      4. Actually CD portrayed Geralt perfectly around Yen. It’s exactly like their banter in the books. There’s nothing goofy about him, it’s just both of their characters. This also applies to their meeting and her not seeking him. If you read the books and paid attention to her character all of her actions make complete sense.
      5. Just to say: CD relied heavily on the books for Wild Hunt (which I love) so to explain a character’s action properly you have to use the knowledge from the books because the developers obviously did just that. I won’t go about explaining exactly why Yen behaved the way she did because others did so already (like the post from Tegar further down)
      6. It’s speculation that no one would question a love spell.
      7. Yennefer is a human, not like the crones. She was born a hunchback but when she studied to become a sorceress her looks were magically altered. That’s also why all sorceresses are pretty.
      8. Glamarye (or Glamour, I’m not english) enhances your features and let’s scars/pimples ect. fade and your skin shine, it’s just an epic magic beauty cream.
      9. lilach and gooseberry is Yen’s characteristic perfume. It evokes feelings in Geralt, not out of character.
      10. Triss is just as “genuine” as Yen is.
      11. Yen loves Geralt (deeply).

      Your post sadly is a collection of misinterpretations and I advice everyone not to base your opinion on this post. It also contains false or mixed up knowledge about the lore. I won’t tell you folks to go with Yen, that’s your choice, but don’t dislike Yen because of Billy’s post because it’s based on errors and contains a lot more in it. Just check out what the wiki says about Yen or glamour.
      Good night.

    6. B
      Bruh you wrong

      Bruh, clearly you don’t know anything about these two origin. If you read “The Last Wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski, aka the writer of the Witcher, you would know it was actually Geralt who made the wish that bound them together. They were about to be killed by the djin that yennefer summoned which was bound by geralt, and the only way to get rid of it was to have it fulfill its last command. Geralt had unwittingly made two wish’s earlier in the story, and in the moment he was about to be killed by the djin, all he could think about was yennefer, and how he wanted to love her. Know yennefer was always self centered, and could be considered a bitch, but that is because she was actually a hunch back before she became a witch. She was treated like trash before she used magic to make herself beautiful. But Geralt actually saw through that and discovered her true self before he made the wish, and made the wish anyway. It can be interpreted that yennefer fell in love with him because he choose to be with her forever despite knowing her true self, and had nothing to do with the wish itself. As for the game, Geralt was just silly around yennefer because he had spent a long time looking for her and was just so happy that he finally found her. Yennefer was mad at him over the fact that he cheated on her with triss ( btw Triss knew Geralt before and knew he was with Yen and was jealous so she decided to steal Geralt while he had amnesia so she is definitely NOT a saint or anything) in conclusion, you need to fact check these things before you make such bold claims.
      PS: if you still think Triss is perfect, read up on what she did With Geralt in the books

    7. I

      Brush, you clearly don’t know anything about Geralt and Yen. Let me start by saying im not pushing for Yen, i just want to do the character justice. The wish that bound Geralt and Yennefer was actually made by Geralt. In “The Last Wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski, aka the writer of The Witcher series. Geralt made the wish (not spell) when he and Yen are about to be killed by a djin that yennefer was attempting to capture. The djin was bound to geralt and needed to fulfill its final wish to geralt in order to be freed from his service. Geralt had accidentally asked for two wishes in the story before he realized the djin was bound to him (as everyone believed it was bound to Dandelion after he freed it). As he is about to be killed by this djin, all he can think about is how much he loves yenefer and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Before he makes the wish, he discovers yen used to be a hunch back before she was a sorceress. This is why she comes off as a bitch and standoffish, because before she used magic to make herself beautiful, everyone treated her like trash and walked over her. It can be interpreted from the story that yennefer truly fell in love with him because he chose to be with her forever despite knowing what she truly is. As for the game, geralt is acting silly around Yen because he has spent along time looking for her (Since he regained his memory at the end of TW2) and hes just so happy to see her. Yen is still happy to see him, but you have to remember yen is mad at him for cheating her on with Triss (btw, triss knew geralt before he lost his memory as well as yennefer and was jealous because she wanted geralt. She took advantage of geralts amnesia to steal him for herself. Yes i know geralt threw himself at triss, but he had no memory but triss knew better so thats no excuse). In conclusion, you need to check your facts before you post bad information for people. Sorry that this was long, but there was alot to say and the first time i posted it disappeared so i kinda wanted to rant. thanks for reading through it.

      P.S. : if you or anyone else still think Triss is a saint, read up on what she did to geralt in the books before he lost his memory in the events of the games. She is definitly not the perfect angel the games set her up to be. I will admit she is nicer and in many ways i like her more that yennefer, but i think claiming one is better fit for geralt is hard to say, as the video game portrayal of the character leads to different versions of geralt for everyone. In the book, geralt obviosly belongs with yen( shes also a lot less bitchy in the book, the game really cranked her attitude to 11). In the game though, thats entirely up to the preference of the player, as the player cannot entirely understand how geralt would feel in the situation. My personal preference is actually Shani, but geralt would not pick her for a life partner. It all up to the judgement of the player.

    8. B

      Triss best girl, shipped them from the get go, she’s selfless and risked herself to save your “daughter”, always helping others and even when she’s doing that she still didn’t want to leave you heart broken and stays with you. She’s a fucking diamond among them all and is a win in my book

    9. A

      Well said, could not agree more, triss all the way for me

  4. A

    Triss has redeemed herself in both Witcher sequels, but she was a cunt, too, in the first game. I guess Shani was a bit more mundane a romance option, but she was the obvious choice for that one. Triss is miles above Yen, and the info provided here (thank you BBB)makes that even more obvious. I’m still somewhat early in the game, having just finished exploration and sidequests and met up with Triss. I wanted to see if Yen had any redemptive qualities or lore about her, and it would seem she does not. Won’t make that mistake!

  5. S

    After offered to have sex you have options to do so or not … Can you still get a friend s with benefits trophy with out sex

  6. G

    It amazes me that there are people who believe Triss is not a manipulative and selfish bitch who manipulated and lied to Geralt for her own desires. Did you only play the games to think she is so wonderful?

    Thank you to the person who gave information about Yen’s childhood and past. It should be obvious to anyone who has learned anything about psychology, and obviously the book writer studied it. Yen acted like a bitch out of fear or being hurt, and it had nothing to do with being selfish or narcissistic. She would not be willing to sacrifice everything for Cirilla if she was as some claim her to be.

    Do people have no clue about Triss betraying Ciri, and manipulating Geralt for her own selfish wants? I may not be remembering correctly, but didn’t Triss cast a spell on Geralt while he had amnesia to seduce him? I remember it going that way for some reason.

    1. D

      Never judge a lover by the way they treat you in the days of love, check the way they treat others, even strangers. Because that’s how you’ll be trated in the moments when love fades. And in long relationships, love always fades, then grows back, then weakens again, requires mantainance and rebuilding… If they’ll treat you like crap, you’ll be left with nothing to rebuild. You’ll just leave the building. In flames, if possible.
      Yennefer fell for Geralt (because he flattered her, of course) and they were bound by magic. But with the bind removed all that’s left is everyday love. When the hard times come he’ll be left with a selfish bitch that will treat him just as bad as she does with anyone that’s not her immediate concern. Her dedication towards Cirilla is nice until you see her willing to destroy anyone in the process: what SHE loves has value, what others love hasn’t (how could there be ANY value in anyone not related to her…right?) Such people never care for others, only for what THEY feel. Her childhood is no excuse, many have grown through hard times and learnt to become better than their tormentors, not to become like them. I’m not impressed, selfishness is too vulgar a defect and what it offers is short-lived.
      As for Triss, she seems to have the usual share of virtues and defects we all have. Commited some foolish mistakes, did some good acts of friendship. Nice to people in general. Proved to have good heart by putting herself in danger to help others in need with no personal reward, even proved to be nice to Geralt after they split. I don’t think Triss perfect and dislike sorceresses in general, but she has better human quality than Yennefer by a mile.
      For me, the best combination of heart and mind in the game is Shani. Honest, inteligent, generous, corageous and worth of respect. But she’s human and would grow old while Geralt stays the same for years to come. A doomed relationship.
      I guess it’s Triss or the good ol’ brothel for my Geralt… that’s life.

  7. D

    There is something that you guys didn’t mention it something that surprised me. Remember when geralt and philippa went to a cave to find the Sunstone. As i remember they were talking about a fivesome!! Is that right?

  8. T
    Tex Arcana

    My only complaint concerning ANY romance in the game is the lack of ability to go and live with the chosen partner after the end of the main quest.
    But that is a SMALL complaint.

  9. F

    Aw…i always thought tomira was an option too

  10. J
    Jett Angeles

    I don’t remember if I chose to say “I love Yennefer” or not. Is there anything I can do? Like maybe anything that Yennefer says? Or maybe files? Haha.

  11. R

    Am I the only one that wanted to sex ciri?

    1. I

      thats his daughter. adopted, but still counts. Check yourself, you nasty

  12. S

    i like how ppl refer to books talking about how manipulative yen or triss are. well, they are both not perfect. they are both selfish. apart from that, anyone who read the books would remember the main idea behind all that: yen was always acting like a cunt. dunno maybe someone can call that love, but i prefer a word “bitching”. and srsly, dunno how anyone can sympathise yen after reading the books. so, considering that, any choice is better rly. a red haired one? yes please)))

  13. C

    If Geralt avoids romancing Triss Merigold and instead attempts to woo Yennefer during the mission The Last Wish, the Witcher and the Sorceress will retire together – far from the noise and danger of politics and adventure.

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