The Dwarven Document Dilemma


The Dwarven Document Dilemma is a secondary quest you can stumble upon while looking around Tretegor Gate in the city of Novigrad.

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Quest Text

One of the individuals Geralt met in his travels was a dwarf by the name of Rostan Muggs.
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This cocksure runt talked Geralt into retrieving some stolen documents for him.

Imagine Geralt’s surprise when he found out Muggs had not actually been robbed. Far from it, in fact – the scoundrel had lost his documents fair and square in a game of cards.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Rostan Muggs sends you on a quest to recover his documents from a thief who should be engulfed by the smell of dwarven moonshine.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Go to the place where Muggs was attacked and examine it.

Interact with the item.

Follow the clues to find Muggs’ attacker.

Across the main bridge heading east, with the help of your Witcher senses you shall uncover a small puddle of this moonshine.

The foul smell will be easy to follow down the hill to the southeast, until you reach the Seven Cats Inn.

Here you’ll find Axel, who tells an entirely different story about the documents he procured.
Choice 1

Demand the papers

This will start a fistfight with Axel.
Choice 2

Challenge to a game of Gwent

Should you win, he will give you the papers.
Choice 3

Use Axii to make him cooperative

This action will net you the papers.

Papers, Please

Once you have the documents, return to Muggs and question him about both accounts.

You will realize the dwarf has been stingy with the truth, however handing in the documents will get you payed.
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  1. V

    Muggs won’t respond to Geralt no matter what I do. There’s a quest marker for him but he can’t be interacted with or talked to. The x to talk feature never shows. Tried saving and reloading to no avail. Is there a bug or is it some kind of parameter I haven’t met?

  2. S
    Sara Garnham

    I got problem to. I walked past him as was om quest thought I could go back to collect it later. Gone back to speak to him, poof gone. He is no wear to be seen. Not reloading hours of game play to do it. Please help.

  3. T
    The Spelling Witcher

    It’s “Paid” not “Payed.”

  4. J
    Jon Snow

    Payed is the past tense and past participle of the verb pay but is used in a very limited sense. Payed has a common and historical use as a nautical term having to do with ropes and ship hulls.

  5. P

    You know nithling, Jon Snow. ?

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