The Family Blade


The Family Blade is a secondary quest which starts as you pick up a contract called "Stolen Sword" on Kaer Trolde Harbor’s notice board.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Kaer Trolde Harbor Notice Board

Additional Info

Lead guard Olaf of Kaer Trolde armory wrote a missive regarding theft of a sword named "Kuliu".
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Only known piece of the information is that the thief was last seen heading south.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Look for the thieves’ camp near the obelisk.

Head south from Kaer Trolde, down to the Crossroads (signpost), then east around the northern shore of the lake towards the Miners’ Camp (signpost).

You should find yourself on the north side of the look, head north-east toward the cliff and look around until you find the obelisk.

Kill the thieves.

At the camp near the obelisk you will encounter four thieves.

Dispatch them with cold steel and loot their bodies, one of them will contain a journal with a clue to follow.

Track down the thieves at the old fort.

In the journal there is written a location, an old fortress near Fyresdal. Buyers for the sword will most likely gather there.

Make your way to Fyresdal by either land or water, and once there climb the deforested path until you reach a wooden fort.

Kill the thieves.

As you enter the fortification, you will take up sword and fight the thieves.
Once killed, loot their bodies, until you find a journal with yet another location where the meeting might take place.

This time it is located at the Whale Cemetery on the northeast coast of Ard Skellig.

Look for thieves near the whale graveyard.

The Whale Graveyard can be reached either by following the coast via boat. Or by foot through Ard Skellige to druid encampment of Gedyneith then heading north-east towards the ocean.

Kill the thieves and retrieve the sword.

Slash your way through the four thieves which await you and then loot the body of their leader.

You will find another journal and the sword you seek on his person.

Return Kuliu to the Kaer Trolde guardsman named Olaf.

Make your way back to Kaer Trolde, and seek Olaf on the bridge.
Hand the sword over to him and receive payment for the successful contract.
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