The Flame Of Hatred


The Flame Of Hatred is a secondary quest that can be started in the center of the lower city in Novigrad.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Some XP if you threatened or confronted the preacher.

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: The Preacher


Following contains quest spoilers.
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You’ve been warned

Words of Hate

Walking around the lower city, east of Hierarch Square, you will run across a preacher who is standing on a plinth and spewing vitriol at the sorceresses and alchemists. Witcher are not exempt, as you will see when you walk up to him.

There are several ways to deal with the hate-spewing preacher.
Choice 1

Ask him how many lives he’s saved.

If you stick to this topic, the crowd will eventually turn on him and disperse.
Choice 2

Threaten to shut him up.

Not accustomed to physical conflict, the preacher will back down and expose himself to ridicule from the onlookers.

If you happen to walk past the same plinth two days later, you will be accosted by two men claiming that they are city officials and demanding that you hand your weapons over to them.You can refuse or comply; either way you will end up fighting them with or without your weapons. when you kill them, pick up your weapons from their bodies to finish the quest.
Choice 3

Ignore him and leave.

Preacher are a dime a dozen in the Northern Realms.
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