Thou Shalt Not Pass


Thou Shalt Not Pass is a secondary quest that sees you acquiring a transit pass in order to go through Redanian Border points. The only way to do this is to get the black market pass from a nearby merchant during the quest Fake Papers

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Access to Redanian territory
  • If you pay him 10 Crowns you get 1XP
  • If you use Axii on him you get 25XP
  • You get 75XP once you get the fake papers and finish this quest that way.

Quest Text

The Redanian army had placed blockades on the crossings of the Pontar, something which at one point proved quite inconvenient to the witcher.
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The guards refused to let him cross without showing a special pass issued by high command.

Starting NPC

Name: Redanian Soldier

Map location of Redanian Soldier starting the “Thou Shalt Not Pass” quest

Additional Info

When you try to cross the Pontar river using a bridge, the Redanian soldiers will turn you back. You need a pass.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Acquire a pass granting permission to cross the Pontar.

You will have two choices when you first talk to the soldier. What it boils down to is that you need to go to the black market merchant and do his Fake Papers quest.
Choice 1

(10) I’m sure we can figure something out

Giving the guard 10 crowns won’t get you anywhere and you only get 1XP
Choice 2

Just tell me who issues the passes

Using Axii on the guard is cheaper and grants 25XP

Use the pass to cross the Pontar.

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  1. D
    Daniel Chappell

    I refused the offer from the merchant then failed the protection quest. After that I couldn’t talk to the merchant and now I’ve done this part with the guard I can’t even find the merchant where the mission marker is. Any help?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Just swim across the river.

    2. A

      If you do the notice board quest about the wood beast you will receive a free pass from the guard. I have another free pass from the Bloody Baron. If you chose not to kill the spooky child you will eventually find out some info about Tamara which will lead in you having a pass in order to go and talk to her. its kind interconneted the whole world of the witcher :). have fun

  2. J

    I got those passes plus u can get a real pass to cross the bridge by completing the contract from tavar eggebracht in the NG army group center camp. I think its patrol gone missing

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