Diamond Oak Location - Umon's Ship Quest Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Diamond Oak is a material you’ll need for the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Umon’s Ship main quest. It’s necessary for Umon to complete the ship. The location of Diamond Oak is hidden, and Umon’s clue isn’t very helpful. For that reason, we’ll explain where to find Diamond Oak in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Umon’s Ship quest. We’ll also explain where to find Umon’s Shipyard in Greatspine Boundary.

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Diamond Oak Location - Umon's Ship Quest Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Diamond Oak Location – Umon’s Ship Quest Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Umon’s Shipyard Location Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Where to Find?

You can find Umon’s Shipyard in the Greatspine Boundary area of Gormott Province, at the westernmost point. To get there, you have to travel to the north of the Gormott Province Upper Level – Right area. This place is called Verdant Plateau. To reach it, just keep heading north, The trick is, however, that you have to keep climbing, as well, because Verdant Plateau is on a higher altitude. When you get to Verdant Plateau, you’ll see a small lake. Swim across it and follow the path forward, and you’ll be in Greatspine Boundary. From there, simply follow the quest marker to Umon’s Shipyard.

Talk to Umon, and he’ll ask you to find ten Puzzletree Wood and five Diamond Oak. Puzzletree Wood is simple to find; just check Collection Points in the woods, and you’ll find ten very quickly. Diamond Oak, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely.

Umon’s Ship Quest – Where to Find Diamond Oak?

Diamond oak can be found in Dawnview Grotto, which is a somewhat-hidden area of Gormott Province. The first step to that is to skip travel to the Waytree point on the Upper Level – Right map. You’ll end up in Garanti Plain. From there, you’ll see a tree with huge roots. Walk up them until you reach a grassy area. Head right, then up the path on the left. At the end of this short path, you’ll come across some vines you can climb.

At the top of the vines, head right, and you’ll come across some kind of wooden construction and some Lance Tirkin enemies. Walk around the wooden… shed, I guess, and you’ll see a path leading into the rock. At the other side of the cave, you’ll enter Dawnview Grotto. You’ll see a bunch of red bag-like objects. Each one of them has one Diamond Oak. There’s more than enough for Umon. After you collect them all, head back to Umon’s Shipyard to hand in the materials.

Titan Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Umon’s Ship Quest

As Umon tells you, the Titan will be in Masrah Spring, which is northwest of the Outlook Knoll skip travel point. From the travel point, simply follow the path to the west, and you’ll get there. It does have to be high tide before the Titan appears. If he’s not there, go to the Inn and gave a Long Rest, then try again. After you’re done with the Titan, go back to Umon to complete the quest. You’ll get 300 EXP for your troubles.

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