Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Lockpicking - How to Pick Locks

Lockpicking is a field skill in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It will allow you to pick locks on treasure chests, which makes it essential for any adventurer. Many players are having trouble with it – the game doesn’t tell you about it, and you’ll run into your first locked chest well before you’ve got what it takes to open it. That’s why we’ve written our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lockpicking guide, to help you pick those locks.

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xenoblade chronicles 2 lockpicking
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Lockpicking – How to Pick Locks

How to get lockpicking

In order to gain the ability to pick locks, you’ll need a blade with the lockpicking field skill. There are six rare blades with this skill, and any of them will do the job equally well. The problem is, you’ll start finding locked containers almost as soon as you start playing, but it will take a while before you get a blade that can crack locks. Here’s a list of them, and how you can obtain them:

  • Pandoria – Main story reward
  • Roc – Main story reward
  • Poppi QT – Main story reward
  • Kos-Mos – Blade bond from a random core crystal
  • Kora – Blade bond from a random core crystal
  • Sheba – Blade bond from Inherited core crystal, an item you can buy from a Torigoth vendorr for 500 thousand gold

You’re obviously going to spend your cores on blades anyway, so if you’re lucky, you might get Kos-Mos or Kora. However, since there are so many possibilities, we wouldn’t count on it. Sheba is too expensive for an early-game character, so that’s off the table too. Your best bet is playing through the main story – you’ll get a blade that can pick locks soon enough.

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