Breath of the Wild Activities - Riding, Gliding, Cooking, Sailing & More

The long-awaited new installment in Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, offers many activities that you can do. Some of them are optional and simply make the game easier to play, while others are required to progress. We got to see several of these activities in the gameplay demos and official live streams.

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Breath of the Wild Activities - Gliding, Flying, Cooking, Sailing & More
Breath of the Wild Activities – Gliding, Flying, Cooking, Sailing & More

Activities in Breath of the Wild

We’re going to list some of the stuff that you can do in the game. Some of them might seem pretty obvious, but they bear mentioning, simply because some mechanics that we saw seem interesting. From riding horses to fighting to hunting, everything has a detail or two that seems fun and engaging.

  • Riding and Taming Horses
    In Breath of the wild, you have the ability to ride horses and even tame wild ones. Initially, the wild ones won’t exactly do what they’re told until you soothe them enough. After a while, you’ll tame them completely, and you can ride them wherever you please. Much faster than running around, and doesn’t drain your stamina, obviously.
  • Cooking
    The recipes that you discover and/or find can have various effects. Depending on the meal you put together, you can receive different bonuses for a limited amount of time after eating them. For example, one dish can give you a temporary boost to stealth.
  • Paragliding
    At one point in the game, you’ll get a glider. You can use it to leap off of tall buildings and cliffs and sail long distances in a short amount of time. Of course, you have to watch your stamina. Wouldn’t want to lose your grip mid-flight.
  • Shield-boarding
    There’s no better term I can come up with for this. You can step on your shield and just glide down a slope in style. It looks like you can pick up some pretty decent speed that way, and even continue boarding well after you come down the slope by pure inertia.
  • Sailing
    Sailing is not exactly a novel concept in Zelda games. In Breath of The Wild, it appears that you can use a huge leaf to fan your sail. Presumably, sailing is for getting around the world, but maybe we’ll be able to access areas that were previously locked off to us. We haven’t seen much of sailing in the promotional gameplay videos, though, so this is pure guesswork.
  • Climbing & Swimming
    There’s not much to say about these activities, since they’re pretty self-explanatory. Both swimming and climbing consume your stamina bar, so you should be careful. One interesting thing to note is that there don’t seem to be any special scalable surfaces. From what we could see, it appears that you can climb pretty much anything – walls, cliffs and trees.
  • Hunting
    Again, we don’t know what exactly you can gain from hunting, but it is certainly there. We can assume that it is a way to get food or some other resources to help you on your journey through Hyrule.
  • Fighting
    Well, yes, of course that you can fight in a Zelda game. However, in Breath of the Wild, weapons and shields break with use. Fortunately, you can pick up almost anything off the ground and use it as an improvised weapon. You can use weapons enemies drop, explosive barrels, and even tree branches. Basically, anything you can use to knock somebody on the head. That being said, it looks like there’ll be weapons aplenty. Swords, halberds, hammers, bows, just to name a few.
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