Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Taming Horses & Other Secret Mounts

The world of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is enormous. In order to get by faster, you can use horses and other animals as mounts. You’d need to tame them first, but that’s the easy part. Taming horses & other mounts in Zelda: BoTW is simple – it’s keeping onto them and discovering what they can do that takes time. We’ve compiled a bunch of info from preview footage and reports.

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zelda breath of the wild taming horses
Breath of The Wild horses & other mounts

In order to tame a horse, you need to approach it and press the mount button. Once you’ve mounted it, quickly mash the soothe button. If you succeed, the horse will be yours. If not, it will throw you off. Once you’ve got a horse, you can register it at a stable, to make it officially yours. You can use stables to switch between horses whenever you like.

Mounts cannot gallop forever – you’ve got three chances to spur your horse before it grows tired. When you’re out and about, you can whistle to call the horse. If you feed it apples, your bond will become stronger. When the horse does something you approve of, press the soothe button – this should affect the bond as well. We still don’t know what strengthening the bond does – it may unlock new abilities for the horse, or increase its stats.

Where to Find Horses in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Horses can be found in several places in the wild all across Hyrule. In fact, there’s one location that is fairly near the beginning of the game. It’s very easy to find, and you should be zooming around Hyrule on your new steed in no time.

Head to Dueling Peaks Stable it the southwest of Necluda, just under and to the left of the letter N in Necluda on the map. Head to the north from there, and you should run into a herd of wild horses, one spotted and three black. Sneak to one, mount and soothe it as described above, and it’s all yours. You can then ride back to the stable and register and name your horse. It seems that spotted horses are a little easier to tame than one-colored ones, so take your pick.

5-Star Horse Locations in Breath of the Wild

Wild horses that you can tame in Zelda BOTW can vary a lot based on their stats – strength, speed and stamina. It seems that they’re strewn about mostly randomly, but there is one spot on the map that seems to consistently spawn very powerful, five-star horses. The area is on the southern side of Tanagar Canyon, in the northern and western part of Upland Lindor. It’s the Highland Plateau west of Salari Plains. Look around the area until you find them.

Keep in mind, these horses are really fast and strong, and they’re easy to scare. You’ll probably want to use the stealth armor if you have it, and/or stamina and speed boosting elixirs or food. If you want to sneak up on them, you can only approach if none of them are looking your way, otherwise, they’ll run away. Alternatively, you can corral them towards the cliff (using speed and stamina boosts) and jump on them as they stop and try to turn around. And, since they’re harder to tame, you’ll want to keep those stamina boosts coming until the horse is fully tamed.

Secret mounts in Zelda BoTW

Horses aren’t the only animals that can be tamed – we’ve seen a player riding an elk in one video even a Skeleton horse. The taming process is the same as with horses, but there are some key differences. You can’t register wild mounts, which means they’ll be off as soon as you dismount them. They also have unique characteristics – they may be slower, but provide something else in return. We’ve seen one player mounting a bear. He said he couldn’t make the bear attack, but it did seem to scare a lot of the enemies away, so there’s that.

Lord of The Mountain secret mount

lord of the mountain secret mount zelda botwLord of the Mountain is a secret mount you can find at Satori Mountain. It cannot be registered, but it looks amazing and has great stats. If you’d like to look for it, check out our Lord of the Mountain location guide.

Royal Stallion – fastest horse in Zelda BoTW

The Royal Stallion is a white horse you can get as a quest reward. It’s the fastest horse in the game, even faster than Epona. Go to the Outskirts Stable and look for an old man called Toffa. He’ll give you a quest called Royal White Stallion, which will lead you towards this mount.

Giant Horse – strongest mount in Zelda BoTW

The Giant Horse is much larger than regular horses. He’s black, with an orange mane. He isn’t fast, but has maximum strenght, and can trample many enemies with ease. You can find him in the Taobab Grassland, just south from the Great Plateau.

Thanks to Melanie S for the info!

How to resurrect mounts in Zelda Breath of The Wild

If any of your horses died, you probably felt terrible about it. Who wouldn’t? Thankfully, there’s a way to bring your horsie back from the dead. All you have to do is visit the Horse Fairy, and prepare 1000 rupees before you can even talk to her honestly. It’s not cheap, but you can’t really put a price on friendship, can you?

Source: A huge thank you to Reddit user FloppyKitties for the great tips on five-star horses
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  1. M
    Melanie S

    You forgot the “Giant Horse” which is located below Mount Hylia. I have confirmed you can register him to the stables. And he has 5/5 strength stats so likely the strongest horse in the game. His color palette really resembles Gannon. I’ve heard multiple people speculate that it’s Gannon’s horse.

    1. A

      YES. I caught him too and i named him TITAN in all caps. Alternative mames were GOJIRA and GOLIATH. He insta kills bokoblins when you run them over. And even though he isn’t the fastest, he has unlimitted stamina.

      1. M
        Melanie S

        Yeah he’s awesome! I named mine Krotan, God of war aha.

        Also thanks a lot for addingredients my information guys, I’m happy I could help!

        1. B

          I named mine Fat ass lol.

          1. A

            I named him Ganondorf, due to references 😛 my brother wanted to call him Ganonhorse, but the character limit got in the way :/

        2. A
          Aww yes


      2. S

        I called it Lynel. Two reasons. Because he looks like a Lynel and because I almost got killed by a Lynel on the way back to the stable

    2. M

      I think the Giant Horse is actually a reference to Ganondorf’s horse, because in Ocarina Of Time his horse was a large black horse with an orange mane. Plus this horse is the only one in the game…
      So you can get Epona (albeit via Amiibo), Zelda’s horse (the white steed), and Ganon’s horse – or at least a reference to him!

    3. L
      Leah price

      Yeah I called mine viktor

    4. S
      Sarah F

      Yes, it’s Ganon’s Horse. You can board the Royal Stallion as well. They both have special saddles.

    5. M

      No, it was there, the giant horse, did you read about that one found in toabab?

    6. S

      basically, ya’ll forgot a 1 colored horse, which is a 4/5/5, and is the FASTEST horses in the game, the royal white stallion is just a mere 4/3/5 horse. epona is better than zelda’s horse/royal white stallion which is a 4/4/4 (epona’s stats)

      1. S

        edit: the giant horse is NOT the strongest, there are other horses which is 5/3/5 (if i remember) and is faster than the giant horse. and the ACTUAL fastest horse is the lord of the mountain.

      2. S

        Where do you find epona?

        1. M
          mabel Fair

          Epona isnt really in the game. She can be, but you have to spawn her with the Link and Epona Amibo. Really the mounted archer amibo for Link.

    7. D
      Dane K

      That would be cool if Gannon rode it.

    8. J

      It’s actually gannons horse from oot

    9. :

      No, he’s not. There is a horse with 5 strength 5 stamina and 3 speed. Giant horse is 5 strength no stamina and 2 speed

    10. B
      bongo cat

      i named him mr.chubbs

  2. C

    royal horse isn’t the fastest horse, it only has 3/5 speed, i got a random wild horse with 4/5 speed. royal does have 5/5 stamina though.

    1. C

      also Epona has all stats 4/5 or 5/5 i cant remember so its not faster than Epona.

      1. J

        Actually, there’s a horse with 5 speed ..a horse with 5 stam, 5 strength and 3 speed and a horse with 4 strength, 4 speed and 5 stamina. Those are the best

  3. E

    At night you can get a skeleton horse from the night mobs. Dies at dawn. Looks awesome!

  4. K

    Royal Stallion is far from the fastest horse in the game. It has 3 stars for speed, Epona has 5 stars for everything sooo there’s that.

    1. M

      Epona has 4 stars, not 5

    2. .

      Actually, Epona has stars for everything, not 5.

  5. S

    Tried a few. Lynels are mountable but only to stab not to ride around. I was not able to ride the rhino but I have managed to ride a doe. Have attempted a moose but i;m still not sure if you can.

    1. Z
      Zelda Freak

      You Can’t Moose is an old nickname of mine so it was one of my first attempts it isnt doable though saddly

  6. P

    I “mounted” a Lynel at which point once I realized that slamming down on the buttons thinking you’re able to tame one… the arrow was pointing at its head meanin hit z-target and start wailing away on it.
    Not sure what moment it let me mount but it’s not whenever you’re right next to it.

    1. P

      Then again this is probably old news.
      But I thought it was pretty awesome & effective.

  7. C

    Ive caught the white stallion but it isnt actually the fastest horse though its stats are 3 stars 4 streangth and 5 stamina but it pre worth it to catch

  8. F

    I was wondering if you could release the royal stallion and get it back but I doubt it, still good to know

  9. E

    the fastest horse is a wild one you can catch in the taobob grasslands. str/spd/sta is 2/5/3. you can also catch a 5/3/5 and a 4/4/5. also ancient bridle gives 2 extra spurs

  10. L
    Lillian Jimenez

    I was so excited when I first stumbled on the Giant Horse! I named mine Rapidash for its orange mane and infinite dash.

  11. E

    Epona is way faster in it’s 4 stamina 4 SPEED 5 STRENGHTH. The fastest horse is actually the 5 SPEED 3 stamina 3 strength, although I do recommend Epona because of all it’s stats.

  12. L

    whar can i fahnd dat horse?. ah wanna go faaaast

    1. M
      mabel Fair

      You can find the lord of the mountain near the horse statue.

  13. R

    You can feed your horse endura carrots to give it 3 more stamina bars but only temporally.

  14. :

    the fastest horse is not the royal white stallion. The fastest horse is in the taobab grasslands or Upland Lindor. Please do your research next time

  15. Z
    Zelda freak

    The Royal Stallion isnt the fastest. Go to the same location where you find the giant horse and catch the blue horse with a white nose. It is equally as strong as the Royal Stallion but has one extra star for speed, with the same amount of stamina. The blue horse is the fastest.

  16. K

    I named mine Naranja which is Spanish for orange

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