Zelda: Breath of the Wild – New game will delete your old saves

When the new Zelda game started its development, the creators wanted to make a new, fresh approach to the game. They have succeeded, in some cases more, in some less. The concept of dungeons was changed, there are breakable weapons now, as well as cooking elements. They have been so successful that one of the things that was fundamentally Zelda-esque, the multiple save positions, is no longer present. In order to start a new save and keep the old one – you need to start a new account on your Switch.

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Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Surf on the Shield
Link would like to warn you to be safe when saving game. Also when surfing on your shield.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has received some very solid reviews and you can check out our extensive guides list, in case you need some help. The game has been praised for its large overworld, imaginative enemies and the general open-world feeling. The game has the average Metacritic score of 97. It was even 98 at one point, but it dropped and created some controversy in the process.

As is always the case with popular games, a speedrun has already been done. It is a little over an hour, and it will surely improve from there on. Still, it would be a shame if you speedrun this game, chock-full of content as it is.

Among the new things that Breath of the Wild brought is the first time that a Legend of Zelda game will receive DLC. There are two DLCs planned, the first one coming this summer, offering new challenges, a hard mode and new map features. The second one should offer quite a bit of story, as well as a new dungeon and new challenges. What exciting times we live in!

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