Zelda BoTW Goddess Statue Locations - Where to spend Spirit Orbs

Goddess statues are special shrines in Zelda Breath of The Wild. They’re dedicated to the goddess Hylia, and they allow you to spend your spirit orbs on health and stamina upgrades. There are a bunch of them around the world – every major settlement has one. Still, some players are having trouble finding them, since they’re often inconspicuous. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Zelda Breath of The Wild goddess statue locations.

zelda botw goddess statue locations
Zelda Breath of the Wild Goddess Hylia statue locations

Hylia statue locations

The first one you’ll encounter is in the Great Plateau, the starting area. It’s inside the Temple of Time. It’s the only large statue of Hylia you’ll find, and there are several nearby shrines that can act as fast travel points.

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You can find a statue in Hateno Village as well, in the east of the Necluda area. There’s a house on a hill next to the inn. Climb up the path to the house, and you’ll see the statue in an alcove, near an open fire and an apple tree.

One of the statues is in Kakariko Village. It’s in the pond between the armor store and the inn. This is the one most players seem to be using, when they can’t find the other ones.

Zora’s Domain, the frozen city in the Lanaryu region, also has a goddess statue of its own. It’s really easy to miss, since it’s the same color as the wall behind it. After you climb the first set of stairs that lead towards the throne room (above the shops), you’ll come to a second staircase. The statue will be at the bottom of that stairwell.

The one in Tarrey Town is impossible to miss – it’s right in the middle of the village square. Of course, it won’t appear before you build up Tarrey Town by completing the From the Ground Up quest.

One of the statues is hidden in Gerudo Town, in the southwestern corner of the map. It’s off the beaten path, in an alley in the east of the settlement. If you go through the main entrance, turn left and go past the sand seal enclosure. Turn right when you reach the wall, and you’ll see an old woman sitting next to the statue. Of course, you first need to find a way to enter Gerudo Town.

The one in Rito Village, in the northwest, is easy to find, but it’s also easy to overlook. When coming to the town by foot, you’ll climb a long set of stairs before you start circling the stone pillar. As soon as you reach the pillar, you should see the statue in front of you.

The last one is in Goron City, on the western slopes of Death Mountain. The volcanic ground requires you to have heat resistant clothing. As you pass through the city coming from the south, you’ll find the statue next to the last house on the right.

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  1. T

    Tarrey Twon has one too, right in the center. I only noticed it after getting the First Resident, but I didn’t really look around before that.

  2. L

    There are also a ton out in the wild to stumble upon I’ve found 3 so far.

    1. Z

      I’ve never seen a goddess statue not in a village. Can you share the location of some of these “wild” ones?

      1. N

        There is one on the little island located in Lake Akkala, to access just warp to Akkala Tower and fly down, making sure to avoid the guardians and sentries.

    2. Z

      Ok so maybe Temple of Time, and the Forgotten Temple? The Spring of Wisdom, Spring of Power, and Spring of Courage also have statues to the goddesses, although I think they are not for the Goddess Hylia, and do not sell Heart Containers.

      1. K

        Actually after you give them the scales and complete the shrine behind the statue that opens when you give them the scale, you can get hearts and stamina like usual

    3. B

      Dude those are regular shrines – we’re talking about the angel looking statues found in villages which can grant heart containers and stamina thingys. Not shrines as in the places where you get spirit orbs.

  3. Q

    lurelin village has one to the right of the inn’s entrance, it’s under a rock and has a torch next to it

  4. T

    The Spring of Wisdom up on mount Lanayru also has a functioning goddess statue you can use for upgrades after you’ve done the blessing type shrine at it.

  5. S

    There is also one in Korok forest. Its in the shop area, right smack in the middle of it

  6. E

    Also in the forgotten temple there is an obvious huge statue behind the shrine.

    1. P

      When you complete all the shrines 3 chests will appear before the goddess statue in the forgotten temple.

  7. T

    The one in Tarrey Town is there and functioning even before you begin the From the Ground Up quest.

  8. A

    What about the “evil” goddess statue in Hateno?

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