Zelda BoTW Heat & Lava Resistance Armor - Flamebreaker

Flamebreaker Armor is an outfit in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It provides heat and lava resistance to Link, making it possible to enter volcanic areas and not worry about combusting. It can be bought from stores, but it’s pretty expensive. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get a piece, which will be enough for starters. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get heat & lava resistance armor in Zelda Breath of The Wild, how to survive heat before you get it.

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zelda breath of the wild flamebreaker armor
Zelda Breath of The Wild Lava & Heat Resistant Clothing

How to get Flamebreaker Armor in Zelda Breath of The Wild

If you are looking for the Lava Resistance Flamebreaker armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or Heat resistance armor, we got you covered! You can also take a look at compilation of our guides for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The first thing you need to do is head to Foothill Stable, south of the giant volcano in the north-east. You’ll see a girl with a broom in front of the stable. Her name is Gaile. Talk to her, and buy 3 Fireproof Elixirs. You’ll need 150 rupees, which you can get using our money making guide.

Take the road north, into the Eldin region. Follow it until you pass a wooden bridge across a lava stream. This part is called Southern Goron Mine.

As soon as you’re off the bridge, look to your left. You should see a weary traveler called Kima. She’ll offer you the Flamebreaker armor in exchange for 10 Fireproof Lizards.

They’re not hard to find, but they spook easily, so you’ll have to sneak up on them. Look around the area between the two bridges. If you catch all the ones that roam freely and still don’t have enough, you can lift rocks and find them under. Just keep in mind you need to press the grab button as soon as you start lifting the rock, or else the lizard will escape.

Once you’ve got 10, talk to Kima again, and she’ll give you the suit. If you want the helmet and trousers, you’ll have to visit Goron City farther up the road. Go to the armor store there and you’ll see them on display. The Flamebreaker Boots cost 700 rupees, while the Flamebreaker Helmet is a whooping 2000.

Gerudo outfit

The Gerudo set is another outfit that offers protection from heat. You can get the whole set for free in Kara Kara Bazaar, in the southweastern part of the map. It’s a woman’s outfit, and Link doesn’t seem to comfortable wearing it at first, but if you want to grab it, you should just follow our guide on how to get into Gerudo Town.



  1. J

    It cost 600.

    1. L

      Yah is not free mite be outdated

  2. M

    Gerudo outfit does not protect against the heat.

    1. A

      It protects against lvl 1 heat if you have the full set on. (Set bonus only)

    2. J

      the gerudo outfit give you more heat resistance by making the heat gauge larger

  3. K

    The Gerudo clothes cost 600 for the full outfit.

  4. A

    There is also a male version of the Gerudo outfit tbag blocks 1 level of heat per piece (like the Rito out outfit does for cold). You have to get to a certain point in the Terry Town quest for it to become available to buy

    1. B

      Actually you can just plain buy it in Gerudo town with out doing the Tarry Town quest.

      1. A

        Actually the only outfit I have found in gerudo town is the exact outfit you get from the dude at that outpost when you are trying to get in and the women selling just says when you have multiple of the same clothes it’s time to start turning them different colors. There is no male version for sale.

        1. L

          You have to find and get into the Gerudo Secret Club to buy the male version.

        2. D

          Yes there is dude. There is a door in Gerudo town that you knock on and the person at the door wants a code, it’s G, S, C, diamond. When you get let inside you can buy the male Gerudo outfit or you can buy a badass luminous stone outfit. The male Gerudo outfit has head resistance, but you can’t wear it in the town because males aren’t allowed in Gerudo town.

    2. J

      Or you can get it from the Greado secerect club

      1. G

        I think that’s what he’s talking about.

  5. C

    Heat resistance does not protect against the heat in the death mountain area. It has to be the flameproof effect.

  6. T
    Timbo slice

    Flamebreaker armor doesn’t protect against heat either, only flame resistant.

  7. Z

    This game is total baloney! The fact I have to research answers, because they’re not self evident from the quest list is just proof of that. I’m boiling inside just thinking about it! I want my $60 back! SERIOUSLY!

    1. A

      Really? Don’t you think the bare beauty of the game is enough to make it worth it?

    2. H

      Why bother saying it? Trade it in and move on, play super mario pleeb.

    3. L
      Lily Rose Robertson

      Hmm..I think you’re overlooking the amazing parts of the game too much? Just because the game isn’t spoon-feeding you answers doesn’t mean it’s not fun..

    4. N

      That’s the beauty of the Zelda games. Just like real life all of the answers aren’t just going to be given. You must explore every corner and talk to every NPC and LISTEN to what is said. despite the somewhat childish graphics and dialogue, the gameplay and depth of the story is ment for us adults that grew up with Ocurinna and the many other games. Long story short this is a game that requires 100% of your attention and half assing it will get you nowhere. There truly is nothing like the series and I believe there never will be.

      1. C

        Ocurrina. ? occurrina?

      2. M
        Melinda Frazer

        Nailed it mate. 100% agree.

    5. G
      Gregory Bethel

      I know. I love when games give me all the answers and I beat the game in 2 days. Every zelda game is a puzzle game, designed to make you think. Try thinking

    6. _

      Dude, (or girl idk) the entire game is about exploration so the fact that not all things are evident is to be expected. Besides, like someone said isn’t the beauty of the game itself enough? My dad got me this game a while ago and I’m amazed by the graphical side so much that such a thing like stuff being not always super evident does not bother me at all. Like, imagine this in reality, you wouldn’t know what to do straight away but by exploring and pure human interaction you would gradually collect puzzle peaces that would later turn in to a whole in your mind reveling what to do. So being angry and dislikeing the entire game bc of one thing is just (I meen no offence here) stupid.

    7. S

      Sounds like your just lazy and dont want to work that brain in ya head bro breath of the wild is a complete game that makes you think , you have to put in massive work . Shoot i finally just got my master sword and it took me a long time to get it i enjoy having to work my way to beat this game and figuring things out . If you want something easy where u dont have to use your mind i suggest super mario for the nes maybe that will help ur madness lmao

    8. A

      I mean, there’s some shrines that do are hard but just give you hints to solve it, but let’s be real: there’s some where it’s totally impossible to figure it out without hours of just screwing with the things until it works. It’s understandable that for so many puzzles, some are just gonna be bad, but yeah, there’s parts where the game lacks guidance. And not spoon-feed, but the basics; for example, a puzzle has a printed image so you can use it as a reference, right? If its totally white (and I know there are some lol), how are you supposed to put it together? You are just gonna be messing with the pieces until the fit. That’s how some parts of the game feel.

    9. D

      hahahahha this is one of the best games around bud, you just not good enough apparently and don’t have a sense of imagination!

  8. Y

    If we do or don’t do it, someone will laugh

  9. G

    I agree with Zeldasucks this is nothing like the good old Zelda games.. If you’d honestly played Skyward Sword, Ocarina, Rwilight Princess, these games gad magical music, incredible designs a chillingly creepy undertone yet angelic feel, smart and clever temples.. Thus game is a boring temple hunt, for boring temples! And not even the music is good.. I can’t understand what’s gone wrong.. But its a dreadful and huge drop in quality.. Its comparable to any mmorpg! Zelda really is dead in this very POORLY DESIGNED game … Uhhh Majoras Mask too.. That was such beautiful African art inspiration and how it was based on the kubler-ross 5 stages of grief (each of the 5 areas is themed in a feeling of this..)

    1. S

      Dude you obviously never played the first Zelda game. BoTW is a spiritual successor to the original. It didn’t hold your hand, you could beat every dungeon in any order and the further you got towards the end the easier the game got. Just making it clear that you don’t know every Zelda game if you don’t know that. I preferred this style of game over what came later tbh. The puzzles were cool in other games but the original had exploration and rewarded you for It and I like that. I believe that game inspired the elder scrolls. You were close with that one but reserve.

  10. I

    I really think this game is awesome and I absolutely don’t understand how you don’t like the graphics/music! It’s Great! Really, play a little more, it’ll get funner.

  11. E

    Stuff like this is so painful, I’ve lost interest in zelda this is just admin level stuff, I gave up.

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