Zelda BoTW Hestu Locations - Where to Find Hestu Inventory Upgrade Vendor

Hestu is a secret vendor in Zelda Breath of the Wild. He’s a giant Korok, who can help you increase your inventory. In exchange, he asks for Korok seeds you’ve collected. He changes his location several times, so you might have trouble finding him. In this guide, we’re going to show you Zelda Breath of The Wild Hestu locations, to help with your inventory upgrade.

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zelda breath of the wild hestu locations
Zelda Breath of The Wild Hestu Locations

Hestu locations – inventory slot merchant

Hestu can be found first near Kakariko Village and Dueling Peaks Stable, then nearby Riverside Stable (Wetland Stable or Woodland Stable, for some), then, finally, in Korok Forest, where he resides.

Your first encounter with Hestu will happen in Necluda, on the road between Dueling Peaks Stable and Kakariko Village. You’ll see him by the road shortly after you cross the Kakariko Bridge. You’ll have to do a small favor for him before he agrees to upgrade your inventory.

After he’s traded korok seeds with you a couple of times, he’ll move. His next place of residence is by the Riverside Stable in the Hyrule Field area, directly west from Kakariko Village. As you pass the stable and follow the road to the northeast, you’ll see him next to a tree by the road.

Finally, he appears in his home, Korok Forest. It’s hidden deep in the Great Hyrule Forest, in the north of the map, a bit to the west of the great volcano. You’ll need to traverse the fog in the Lost Woods to get there. If you need help with that, check out our Master Sword guide. Once you’re in the forest, you’ll find Hestu to the right of where to sword is.

He’ll settle down in the last location, so you won’t have to go chasing him around after that. Getting through the fog puzzle can be a pain though, so we’d advise you to get enough seeds for several upgrades before you venture into the Lost Woods.

UPDATE: As several players have pointed out (thank you to redditor HylianAngel), Hestu’s second location can vary for some. If he’s not at Riverside Stable, by any chance, you should check around Woodland Stable or Wetland Stable. Woodland Stable is located on the road south of Korok Forest, near the place where the main roads intersect. The Wetland Stable is near a forested area on the east bank of the Hylia river, south of Crenel Peak and just west of the Lanaryu Wetlands (hence the name).

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  1. G

    Could you not have spoiled the location of the master sword in a completely unrelated guide?
    You just ruined the biggest mystery of the game.

    1. J

      Game hints since plateau that it’s in the lost woods.

    2. G

      If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read a guide, it’s pretty simple.

      1. M


    3. L

      Well where else would it be?

      1. D

        Forest of Time.

        1. J

          lmao, the forest directly east of the plateau?

    4. A
      Anew Person

      The Master Sword has been located in the Forest since 1992. It’s not a secret anymore.

    5. J

      Not really too much of a spoiler if you stop and think that BOTW has bits of previous zelda Easter eggs in the game. Tingle island from Windwaker, Toronbo Beach and Koholit Rock from Links Awakening, the temple of Time from Ocarina of Time ect… So from A Link to the Past, the Master Sword was located in the Lost Forrest… just saying.

  2. S
    Squid kitty

    This was very helpful thanks but seriously you shouldn’t complain about spoilers it’s your fault you went on this web gray

  3. K
    Kenny D.

    My meetings with him were a little different, so allow me to give the full scenario…
    I had already cleared all 4 Divine Beasts by time I ever met this guy (have not faced Ganon yet). I met him in the first location like the guide said, but after two upgrades he told me he was going home to Korok Forest, so he skipped all the other places. I met up with him in the forest, and 3 upgrades later he doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere. Maybe his location has something to do with how far you are into the story?

    1. J

      Hestu only appears in his second location if you don’t go to the Korok Forest first.

      1. D

        I went to the korok forest, did all divine beasts, did the dlc for the divine beasts, and now I want to go to the castle, but I want to upgrade a few times, so I got the first location, but I can’t seem to find him at the korok forest, or all three stables, so I have no idea where he’s at rn, I’m still searching lol

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