Zelda BOTW How to Get Skeleton Horse

The skeleton horse, also known as Stalhorse, is one of the mounts that you can ride in Zelda Breath of the Wild. While their stats aren’t that great, they look incredibly awesome. Unfortunately, they despawn at daybreak. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Skeleton Horse in Zelda Breath of the Wild and where you can find them.

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Zelda BOTW How to Get Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horses in Breath of the Wild

Have you ever wanted to explore Hyrule, but also look like the Grim Reaper while you do? The new Zelda game has got you covered! Among many other mounts that you can tame and ride in Breath of the Wild, there’s also skeleton horses with glowing, red eyes. These creatures, called Stalhorses, are undead mounts of skeleton bokoblins. Once you’ve defeated the undead bokoblin mob, their Stalhorses are yours for the taking.

You can find skeleton horses wherever there are bokoblins that ride horses, such as the Akkala Highlands. As with any undead creatures in the game, you’ll have to wait until night for the mob to spawn. Defeat the mounted, undead bokbolin without destroying the horse, and it’s all yours. Combine that with the Dark Link outfit, and you have the true stuff of nightmares.

Once you come riding in on a skeleton horse, every Hylian will react with fear, and their dialogue changes accordingly. However, there’s a downside to Stalhorses. Other than looking really metal, they’re not good for much else. They have fairly low stats and they’re not super fast. Also, you can’t register them at any stable, because the owners are understandably terrified. They think that the Stalhorse will eat the other animals in the stable.

The final heartbreak happens at dawn. Around five in the morning in-game, your skeleton horse will die, and there’s no way to get it back. You can’t pay the Horse Fairy to resurrect it, like with other horses. I guess that makes sense, since it wasn’t alive in the first place.

For more information on various mounts in the game, check out our Breath of the Wild Taming Horses & other Secret Mounts guide.

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  1. N
    Nathanael Wittlinger

    You actually CAN register a Stalhorse. You just need to buy the gear from Kilton

    1. D

      I got the gear – how do I register it!?!?!

    2. J

      What’s the point if they get killed by dawn?

      1. K
        Keenan Ma

        It looks cool and it’s a fun thing to do. If you’re doing Halloween in BOTW it would be a great prop

      2. J

        If you find somewhere to ‘sleep until night’s every night before 5am, you can keep the skeleton horse with you. You can only transport to other areas if you also only keep the time at nighttime and come back to the horse. If you let it go past 5am at any point the horse will despawn.

    3. T

      That’s a lie

    4. K

      the problem is putting the gear on it, how do you do that? I have the gear and it’s been indicated by the gears description that that’s what it’s for. it probably also prevents it from dying. anyway, if you know haw to put the gear on it you should tell, I’m going to see if kilton will help.

    5. S
      Simon Mitchell

      How, what gear, please walk me through this

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