Zelda BotW Ke'nai Shakah Shrine - Major Test of Strength

Ke’nai Shakah shrine presents you with a Major Test of Strength in Zelda BoTW. This means you have to defeat a special Guardian inside. The location might be hard to spot at first. It becomes especially annoying if you have the shrine sensor pinging its whereabouts and you just can’t spot it. The many metal balls and hammers suggest there is something to do with them, but you just can’t figure out what. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Zelda BoTW Ke’nai Shakah shrine, how to kill the Guardian and complete Major Test of Strength.

Treasure Chest Ke'nai Shakah Shrine Zelda BotW
Ke’nai Shakah Shrine Challenge and Treasure Chest

Where to find & how to enter Ke’nai Shakah shrine

Ke’nai Shakah is located in the far east of the Hyrule world map. In this area, you can spot four small islands called Tingel, Ankel, Knuckel and Davdi. West from these four islands, there is a small lake called Ulria Grotto. Head over there.

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Climb on top of the area in southern Ulria Grotto and look towards the northern part. This is where all those balls and hammers are supposed to work. If you look to the distance, just under the edge of the plateau in northern Ulria Grotto, you should spot a pile of rocks that’s blocking something.

In order to break this pile of blocks, you can use the nearby metal balls. Stasis them, then hit them enough so they reach a decent acceleration rate in order to hit those blocks. To make it easier, you can save before every try.

The easiest way to break those blocks is to use the bomb arrow. You can even combine it with gliding. Glide towards the blocks, and, when you are close, aim for them and shoot. They will explode and reveal the entrance to the shrine.

Ke’nai Shakah Shrine Treasure Chest

There is only one challenge in this shrine. It is a 1.500 health points Guardian. There are many approaches in how to deal with it. I like the one where I freeze it with the Frostblade, stun him for more seconds with the Thunderblade and perform a charging attack with any other weapon. It will repeat the same attacks as the other shrine guardians. Make him charge to the stone pillar, glide and hit when he does a spinning laser move and charge at it when the power attack comes to an end.

The defeated guardian leaves an Ancient Battle Axe + (45 damage), Guardian Sword + (30 damage) and the Sapphire in the final treasure chest.

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    This is a modest test if we are talking the regular game and not the Master mode. Just an observation not raining on your parade (Like my grandson said I was).

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    Breaking the rocks with the metal boulders doesn’t actually work. You need to use bomb arrows.

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