Zelda BotW Saas Ko'sah Shrine Location & Walkthrough

Saas Ko’sah shrine is one of the best hidden ones in Zelda Breath of The Wild, partly thanks to the Hyrule Castle map. Coming in from outside, you’ll end up stranded on this small 3D map of the castle, that takes a while to get used to. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Zelda BoTW Saas Ko’sah shrine, how to defeat the Guardian inside.

Zelda BotW Saas Ko'sah Shrine Entrance
Zelda Botw Saas Ko’sah shrine

We’ve made a complete list of all 120 Zelda BoTW Shrines, as well as shrine rewards and challenges, for your use.

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Saas Ko’sah Shrine Location

The best starting position you can go with is northwest from the Castle. To make the journey safer, especially if you have the starting amount of stamina, be sure to bring some stamina food. It can be done without it, but better to be safe than sorry.

Follow the river that goes under the castle. There should be a small cave entrance in the northwestern part of the Castle. Find it, and go through it. This is the path that takes you to the docks.

Once inside, just follow the path to your left. It will take you up the stairs, to the platform with many braziers. You’ll see one large, unlit brazier. To reveal the hidden entrance to the shrine, you’ll need to light it up. It can be done in many ways – with the help of a fire weapon, with an arrow set on fire at the nearby braziers, with a torch and more. Once you light it up, the Saas Ko’sah shrine will reveal itself.

In the shrine, you’ll need to overcome the “Major Test of Strength” challenge. To beat it, you’ll need to defeat a 3000 hp Guardian. It is the same one you fight in any other “Test of Strength” challenge shrine. Upon its death, you can pick up the Ancient Battle Axe++, Guardian Spear++, Guardian Sword++ and a Flameblade.

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