Zelda BotW Majora's Mask Location - Ancient Mask Quest

Majora’s Mask is a helmet in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It’s part of the Master Trials add-on, and every Zelda veteran will instantly recognize it. It was a central item in one of the earlier games, and when you get it, it will make monsters less likely to attack you. It’s part of a quest called Treasure: Ancient Mask. In this guide, we’ll show you the Zelda BoTW Majora’s Mask location.

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zelda botw majora's mask location
Majora’s Mask in Zelda BoTW

Where to find Majora’s Mask

As with the other new armor pieces, you’ll first need to flip through Misko’s journal. It is located in Outpost Ruins, on the southern brink of Central Hyrule. Go to the building in the south and look the remains of a bookshelf. The journal will be on it, and it will tell you the mask is in the ruins where soldiers gathered, and that you can see the waters of Lake Kolomo from there.

The hint is pointing towards the Kolomo Garrison Ruins, which are on the shore of Lake Kolomo, a bit north from the place where you found the journal. Once you’re there, look for a row of young pine trees at the south side of the garrison. The chest will be close to them, in a corner. Use magnesis to snatch it.

The mask seems to make monsters think you’re one of them. It’s a great item when you feel overwhelmed and just want to sneak past a group of enemies. It doesn’t work on human opponents, like the Yiga clan, but it’s still a nice tool to have. And no, it will not make the moon crash into the ground, although that would be super cool. It can’t be retrieved if you sell it, not even with help from the secret vendor Grante, so be careful.


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