Zelda BOTW Master Trials DLC Pack Now Available

The first DLC pack for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, called Master Trials, is now live. You can get it both for the Nintendo Switch and the Wii-U. The DLC contains a ton of new stuff, like the Trial of the Sword mode, various costumes such as Tingle, a bunch of new items like the Korok Mask and Travel Medallion, and tons more. You can get it as a part of the Zelda BOTW Season Pass, available for $20.

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Zelda BOTW Master Trials DLC Pack Now Available
Zelda BOTW Master Trials DLC Pack Now Available

Zelda: Breath of the Wild players can now get Master Trials, the first major DLC pack for the game. It’s part one of what the twenty-dollar Season Pass, with the second part coming this holiday season. Those that pick up the DLC have a lot to look forward to; Nintendo has really crammed a ton of new content into Master Trials.

For one, there’s the Trial of the Sword. It’s a horde mode at its core, where you fight through rooms of enemies, and you start with nothing. If you manage to hack your way to the end, your Master Sword will never run out of charge. Another thing that the DLC adds is the Hard Mode, where enemies will start off as much more powerful and will regain health slowly during battle. Fortunately, starting a Hard Mode run won’t overwrite your vanilla save.

Next up, the Master Trials DLC brings in a ton of different new outfits. You can dress up as Tingle, done Phantom Armor or Midna’s Helmet, even wear Majora’s Mask! Pretty much all of these costumes are tied to quests, so you’ll have to dive in and work for them.

Finally, there are several new useful items for you to find and use. The first one is the Travel Medallion. It allows you to set your own, custom travel point, so that you can teleport there at will. If you can’t find it, check out our Zelda BoTW Travel Medallion Location guide. The other important item is the Korok Mask. When you wear it, it will alert you when you’re near a Korok, helping you find the 900 little buggers. Check out our Zelda BoTW Korok Mask Location guide if you don’t know where it is.

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