Zelda Breath of The Wild Grante Secret Vendor - Armor & Weapon Buy Back Merchant in Tarrey Town

Grante is a secret vendor in Zelda Breath of The Wild. He can be found in Tarrey Town, and he allows you to buy back the armor and weapons you’ve sold or lost. He’s extremely expensive (you’ll need 4000 rupees per armor piece), and you need to do a bunch of stuff to unlock his services. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Zelda Breath of the Wild Grante secret vendor, how to buy back armor & weapons.

zelda breath of the wild grante secret vendor
Grante Secret Vendor in Zelda Breath of The Wild

Tarrey Town Secret Vendor Location

If you’ve already built up Tarrey Town, travel there (it’s in the northeast, near the giant volcano). Go to the house on the northeast side of the town and climb up to the first floor terrace. You will find Grante there.

In order to get to Grante, you’ll first have to build Tarrey Town from the ground up. In order to do so, you’ll first need to complete Hylian Homeowner quest, then the From the Ground Up quest.

In short, to complete Hylian Homeowner, you have to go south of Hateno Village & find foreman Bolson. He’ll offer to build you a house, and if you accept, he’ll tell you that you need to bring him 3000 rupees and 30 wood bundles. Needless to say, this will take quite a while. You can also check out the rupee farming guide – you’re gonna need it.

Next is the From the Ground Up quest, where you get to basically build a whole new town called Tarrey Town. It’s a long quest, but very rewarding. You’ll have to collect a bunch of wood and travel all around the map to find different residents to play key roles in the new settlement. When you complete it, Grante will appear in his spot.

How to buy back armor & weapons

Grante’s invetory will gradually increase as you discover new outfits and weapons. He only stocks stuff you’ve discovered elsewhere, allowing you to buy them if you sold them or they ran out of durability. He’s a lifesaver for those who accidentaly sold a cool costume, or those who wore out their Hylian Shield. Mind you, he’s really expensive.

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  1. D

    You wrote that grante was in the southeast house terrace. He is in the NORTHEAST house terrace

    1. J

      Thanks for your comment, Dan. We’ve now fixed the mistake.

  2. D

    what do I do if I already grabbed the shield from the dungeon and built the town but the shield doesn’t show up in Grante’s inventory?

    1. B

      I think it will only show up after you have broken it, do you can only have one at a time

    2. L

      If you have it in your inventory, he won’t give you another one.

  3. R

    Grante only sells the old shirt and pants to me why is that?

    1. A

      Most likely you have not sold or broken anything unique for him to replace except those two items.

    2. S

      because you’ve no Ability Armour and/or special weapons/sheilds.
      (Abi.ity armour is stuff like the zora armor/greaves)

    3. S

      because you’ve no Ability Armour and/or special weapons/sheilds.
      (Abi.ity armour is stuff like the zora armor/greaves)

      ( plus how do you not have any special armour?”?)

  4. K

    I cant find gante i cant see him he isnt there help

  5. S

    He is atop the red house

  6. G

    Will he resell DLC/Amiibo armor?

    1. S

      He was reselling me the Switch Shirt from the season pass and the Xenoblade 2 constume.

  7. B

    I sold my DLC-Outfits ’cause I didn’t need/want them. what if I buy them back and sell them again? Will he resell them again too? I tested it with the switch-shirt, saving before the try, but he didn’t sell the switch-shirt after that. would I have to wait till next the bloodmoon or he never sell the pieces again after buying them once?

    1. N

      Why would you sell them though? If you need rupees sell meals instead, it’s the fastest way to make rupees. I do mostly 5 of the same ingredient, as mixing can sometimes lower the value. Do it with the more common ingredients, like apples or peppers. You’ll get 50 rupees for each of those if you cooked with 5. Go to Tarrey Town & use the pot & sell to the rito right next to it & repeat.

      1. D

        Depends. 5 apples make several hearts but 4 apples and a hearty radish will make full recovery and 3 extra hearts

        1. D

          Well the full recovery is from the radish alone. Any food that overfills your hearts max them as well, so 4 apples and 1 radish is the same as 1 radish.

  8. D

    Where do I find the gerudo that hold on needs?

    1. C

      Her name is Rhondson. She is sitting underneath a canopy at Kara Kara Bazaar

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