Zelda BoTW Master Trials DLC Outfits Described In Detail

Members of the Zelda BoTW dev team have been describing the new outfits from the upcoming DLC on the game’s blog over the last few days. They’ve talked about where the costumes come from, how to get them, and what kind of effect they’ll have on the game. It’s an enlightening read, and it gave us some much needed info on the Master Trials DLC.

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zelda botw master trials outfits
Zelda BoTW DLC Costumes

The first one they’ve discussed is the Korok Mask. Remember the giant leaves that Korok wear on their faces? It’s that. You can wear it if you want to feel closer to Gaia, but also if you need help finding all 900 korok seeds. The mask will vibrate whenever you’re near one. How is something vibrating on your face considered helpful is beyond me.

Then there’s the phantom armor. If you’ve played Phantom Hourglass, you might remember the invincible enemies from the temple of the Ocean King. The phantom armor is based on them, complete with giant horns and glowing eyes. It consists of a helmet, armor and greaves. When worn, it will increase your attack power.

Midna was Link’s sidekick in Twilight Princess, and you might remember she wore a ridiculous stone mask that looked far too heavy for someone that tiny. The Master Trials will add Midna’s Mask to Breath of The Wild, and wearing it will increase Link’s resistance to Guardians.

Finally, there’s Tingle. Tingle first appeared in Majora’s Mask, quickly becoming a meme – a creepy grown man who wants to become a fairy. His outfits consists of a hood, shirt and tights – it’s like being wrapped in green spandex. Wearing it will increase your speed at night, which may or may not be a jab at Tingle as well.

All of the new outfits will be hidden in chests across the map. It’s nice to see the game won’t just hand them over to players, instead giving them a nice, additional challenge.

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